Principal Newsletter-October

October 3, 2018


Dear D.J. Montague Families,

It is hard to believe, but we are almost halfway through the first marking period.  The school year is off to a great start!

A couple of security updates.  We have a new check in system that requires visitors to scan their driver’s license.  We will keep you informed as to when it will be activated.  When this occurs, be sure to have your license in your possession when you come in to the office.  If you have visited D.J. in the last several weeks, you noticed the installation of two additional doors at the entrance to the school.  These doors prevent access to the hallways without first checking in at the office. Once you have checked in at the office, you will exit to the right.  While this will result in a few extra steps to get to the cafeteria, it will prevent visitors coming in to the building from going through the glass doors without checking in at the office.


With the cold and flu season approaching, I want to remind you of the division guidelines for when to keep your child home from school.  Your child should stay home if he/she

  • has a fever of 100* or more (should remain at home for 24 hours after fever is gone)
  • has vomited or has diarrhea (should remain at home for 24 hours after vomiting and/or diarrhea has stopped)
  • has a persistent cough
  • has any rash
  • has open or draining skin sores
  • has inflamed or draining eyes or ears

Your compliance with these guidelines will help keep all students and staff healthy!


On Thursday, October 18th we will be participating in the Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill.  During this

drill students are expected to Drop, Cover and Hold On.  Students will drop to the floor, take cover under

their desk or table and hold on to the legs of the desk or table.  More information about this drill and being

prepared for an earthquake can be found at


Our Fall Celebrations will take place on Wednesday, October 31st.   Due to the increasing number of students with food allergies, we ask that no home baked goods or items prepared at home be brought to school.  Items should be store bought and have an ingredient list on the package.  Our school nurse will review the ingredient list to ensure that the treats are safe for all students in the class to enjoy.  Additionally, all foods must meet the nutrition guidelines of the Wellness Policy.  These guidelines are available on the D.J. homepage.  If you will be providing food items, healthy options such as fruits and vegetables are good options.  If you plan on bringing fruits and vegetables, we ask that the items be brought to school and the trays prepared at school.  A “kitchen” will be set up in the conference room for this purpose.  Thank you for your help in making this a safe, special day for our students.


On October 31st beginning at 2:00 PM, we will continue a longstanding D.J. Montague tradition – the Halloween Parade.  Students in grades K – 2 will parade around the bus loop in costume as the rest of the student body, staff and parents look on.  In order to ensure the safety of the students during this event,

the entrance to the school will be closed at 1:45 PM.  If you are planning on attending, make arrangements to arrive before this time, otherwise you will need to park on Centerville Road.  Additionally, due to limited space and preparation time, we ask that our families please not enter the hallways or classrooms prior to the parade. After the parade, each class will move to a specific location for pictures.  After this photo opportunity, students will return to the classrooms.  For those of you who will be taking your children home after the parade, classroom teachers will have a sign out sheet in the classrooms.  PLEASE do not take your child from the parade site.  You will receive more specific details about this event from your child’s teacher.


Important dates to remember:


8th        PTA Meeting (4:00 PM – Media Center)

9th        Book Fair opens

9th        1st Grade (Pastirik and Leaptrott) to Williamsburg Regional Library

9th        Title 1 Parent Meeting (5:00 – 6:00 PM)

11th      1st Grade (Rovelli and Slavin) to Williamsburg Regional Library

16th      Kindergarten (Gibbs and Hahn) to Bush Neck Farm

17th      Kindergarten (Cline and Ford) to Bush Neck Farm

18th      Math and Science Night (5:30 – 7:00 PM)

18th      Book Fair closes after Math and Science Night

19th      FULL DAY OF SCHOOL (Hurricane make-up)

26th      PTA – Trick or Treat Night

31st      Halloween Parade and Fall Celebrations (2:00 PM)



5th        1st Marking Period ends

6th        NO SCHOOL – Teacher Workday

7th        2nd Marking Period begins

8th        B.U.G. Ceremonies (2nd grade – 9:00 AM; kindergarten 9:30 AM; and 1st  grade 10:00 AM)


As always, thank you for your continued support.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at   or 258 – 3022 with any questions, comments or suggestions.


Cathy Vazquez