Real World Science


4th Grade students had the wonderful opportunity this week to skype with Meteorologist Jeremy Wheeler from Wavy TV 10. What a fabulous way to learn about how we use science everyday. First Graders have also had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Wheeler. I hope you will find the time to talk with your 4th or 1st grader about this experience.

VA Opera Presents, “Tricksters Trilogy”

Slide1DJ Montague students enjoyed a performance by the VA Opera today. Thank you to our wonderful PTA for providing the fabulous experience today! Students laughed, learned lessons, and enjoyed a wonderful theatrical experience. Ask your child about all the tricksters today!

D.J. is looking FABULOUS!


mulch photo

Thank you so much to the HARD working families to spent hours in the hot sun spreading mulch, planting and watering flowers, and continuing to work to keep our grounds looking beautiful. We have the BEST PTA and families! How great it is to be a mustang!!

Welcome New Mustangs!


We are proud to introduce 5 wonderful new mustangs. All were featured on our school’s Facebook page throughout the month of August. Enjoy this small excerpt from their interviews and visit our Facebook Page  for the full interview. We are so very proud to welcome them to D.J. Montague!

Mabel Crocker-Holiday (Head Custodian)

Ms. Mabel’s favorite subject in school was math and if she could spend the day with a historical figure she would love to spend the day with the Queen of England and experience royalty in its fullness.

Susie Maraist (5th Grade Teacher)

Ms. Maraist’s enjoys zip-lining with her family and would love to spend the day with Mother Teresa. Ms. Maraist admires Mother Teresa for living  her life as a selfless and caring person.

Mrs. Spadaro (Media Assistant)

Mrs. Spadaro’s most memorable teacher was Mr. Johnson because he expected a lot from his students and encouraged hard work, but made sure they had fun too! If Mrs. Spadaro had one day to do anything, she would want to be able to fly like a bird.

Mr. Gallien (4th Grade Teacher)

Mr. Gallien’s favorite food is beets!! He would like to share that he is an educator who believes in putting students first and is dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. Mr. Gallien’s motto is quite simple…….”Anything for the students.”

Mrs. Weston (4th Grade Teacher)

Mrs. Weston is the proud mom to 6 kids! Mrs. Weston’s advice to her wonderful new students is: Be prepared to learn how strong you are.

Welcome to the Corral!

Don’t Miss Out on Summer Reading

Summer is Here! Don’t miss out on all the wonderful reading opportunities this summer. Please use the links below to find a detailed list of suggested reading for your child this summer.

Rising 1st 2015                 Rising 2nd 2015

Rising 3rd 2015               Rising 4th 2015             Rising 5th 2015




Here are the 2015 Battle of the Books Selections for 4th and 5th Grade. Start your reading this summer!