Honors Courses

Honors courses are taught at an accelerated pace and at advanced level of complexity with the goal of preparing more students for the rigorous fast paces of high school Advanced Placement and dual credit classes.

Teachers use the same curriculum as in the regular education classroom, but explore concepts deeper and further.


The texts, writing assignments, and other assessments in these courses are all more demanding and will require an increased time commitment outside of the normal day.


Ultimately these classes are designed to help more students be college-and career-ready, as evidenced by their performance on the ACT, SAT, and ASVAB assessments.

Characteristics of Middle School ELA Honors Program

  • Motivation –Students are driven to learn by natural curiosity and sense of wonder.
  • Enduring understanding –Students focus on big ideas.
  • Rigor, pace, and scholarly skills are emphasized.
  • Students will be working at and above grade level with emphasis on thought-provoking texts, critical thinking, and analytical writing.
  • Students will be operating at the analyzing, evaluating, and creating levels on a regular basis.

Things to remember when signing up for an honors course:

  • Students are expected to practice the skills and concepts they learn in the classroom.
  • Teachers will assign meaningful homework or outside of class experiences such as projects that will prepare students for upcoming classes.
  • Student work is expected to be thorough, clear, on/above grade level, and worthy of the time it takes to complete it.
  • Attendance is critical; it is imperative that students are in class everyday.
  • If a student is struggling academically, additional supports will be in place to identify interventions to help the student be successful.
  • If a student continues to struggle academically even after receiving additional support, the parent, student, teacher and counselor will meet as a team to decide what course of action is best for the student.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your student’s current English teacher or school counselor.