Substitute teachers, bus drivers and nurses are in high demand across Virginia and the U.S.

to cover short and long-term staff absences and provide continuity for students.

Recognizing that these high-demand roles make a significant impact on school operations and ultimately, the education of WJCC students, the school board voted to approve a pay increase effective January 1, 2023 through the end of the school year.

A new rate was also added: Certified teachers who substitute in the classroom will earn $200 daily. WJCC Schools is excited to add more former teachers to its substitute pool to enhance the work of our substitute educators.

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Position Prior Rate Jan. 1 – June 30 Rate
Teacher and Nurse, 1-10 consecutive days $90/day $110/day
Teacher and Nurse, 11-20 consecutive days $110/day $125/day
Teacher and Nurse, 21-89 consecutive days $115/day $145/day
Teacher, Long-Term Sub $125/day $145/day
Certified teacher, any length $200/day
Bus Driver $14/hour $15.77/hour