The goals of the School Health Program are to link student, home, school, and community; to help students seek an optimal level of physical, mental, and social development, and work actively to eliminate barriers which hinder student learning.

The school nurse provides first aid, medication administration, and monitors health for both students and staff. Case management is implemented for students with chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Seizures, Severe Allergies and Asthma. Depending on the severity, an Individual Health Care Plan can be developed to provide details on these student’s specific needs. The school nurse may provide specialized medical care under the supervision of a physician. The school nurse can assist parents in the detection of conditions requiring further medical care or assist in monitoring present health conditions.

My hours are 8:00 am – 3:30 pm daily.  I invite all new students and parents to come and visit the clinic, located in the main office.

If your child has any health concerns you wish to discuss, you may contact me by phone or make an appointment to meet with me here at school.

If your child visits the clinic during the school day and they are too ill to stay in school, I will call the parent/guardian to come and pick them up. If they do not go home, most students are able to report to their parent/guardian that they visited the nurse. However, if they are too young to relay a message, I will make every effort to inform parent/guardian of minor illness and/or injury by phone or written note.

All medical information remains confidential unless the information causes harm to your child or to others. 

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Medication Administration

All prescription medication require an order by a Health Care Provider. Over the counter medication will require parent signature.

Medication must be brought to school by the parent/guardian in the original container with the label intact.

Parent/Guardian must complete the permission form. This form grants permission to the School Nurse to administer medication and to contact the Health Care Provider.