Supply List 2018-19

Hornsby Middle School

Supply List for 2018-2019

3 Inch 3-Ring binder One three-inch three-ring binder is used for all classes.  The binder is an organizational tool to help student maintain notes and school work in one place.  Organization is one of the keys to success.  Students should regularly take time to organize the binder
Wide-ruled filler paper It is important that the student is prepared for class.  Paper  should be stored  in the student’s binder as well as in the student’s locker
3-hole dividers 8 section dividers for the notebook to separate different classes are needed
Pencil Pouch Pencil pouch should be secured within the three-inch three-ring binder
Pencils Mechanical or regular pencils are needed at all times
Pens Blue or black pens are needed for final drafts
Highlighters Highlighters of different colors are used to annotate text
3 x 5 Index Cards Index cards are used in different classes and should be stored in the student’s locker and brought to class at the teacher’s request
Glue Sticks Glue sticks can be stored in the student’s pencil pouch
Colored Pencils Colored pencils can also be stored in the student’s pouch.  These are used to  highlight and or color important information
Earbuds or earphones Earbuds or earphones are to be kept in the student’s locker or book bag.  Earbuds will be used throughout the school year when using different types of technology.  Students may borrow earphones from the school if needed
4+ GB flash drive (Optional) Students will be able to use the flash drive to transfer documents and projects from school to home.  Students will also be able to use the personal student drive at school to store documents or projects
Computer Mouse(Optional) Students will keep it with their 1:1 laptop
PE Uniform Clothes appropriate for PE may be purchased from the PTSA.  Student may also wear athletic shorts with elastic waist band (no buttons or zippers) and  T-shirt long enough to tuck in (no buttons or zippers/no cut off shorts or tank tops


Wish List (a list of common use items to support your child’s homeroom teacher):


*Hand sanitizer

Note:  All students will need two composition notebooks

All students will need one single subject spiral notebook

HMS will supply planners

  • Additional supplies or fees may also be requested for special projects throughout the year. For example, field trips, library fines, workbooks, band, orchestra and choir.