8th Grade SOL Writing Bootcamp

The SOL Writing Bootcamp was a wonderful success this year.  We couldn’t have done it without the support of the many teachers who volunteered to work with our 85 participants.  Students were engaged in five learning stations each day.  We doubled our numbers from last year, and we had the opportunity to work with one third of our 8th grade students who attended one or more of our six days of Bootcamp. That’s reason to celebrate as we wish the kids best of luck next week.


Special thanks to…

8th grade English teachers – Mrs. Lane, Ms. Roketentz, Mrs. Poe, and me

Specialists – Ms. Cooke, Mrs. Stumpf, Mrs. Long, and Mrs. Marrow

Student teachers – Ms. Cymerman, Ms. Petrovich, Ms. Hunt, and Miss French

7th grade teachers – Mrs. Poe, Mrs. Sheldon, Mrs. Hinojosa, and Mr. Dawson

6th grade teacher – Mrs. Ellis

Parents and teachers who donated snacks, fruit, and gift cards.

Mrs. Franklin for arranging for more snacks.

Dr. Ellison for supporting our efforts.