Mr. Joshua Denny

School Counselor

Grade 6-8
Last Names: A-Le

p: (757) 565-9436

Mrs. Amber Spicer

School Counselor

Grade 6-8
Last Names: Lf-Z

p: (757) 565-9435

Ms. Marcia Epps

Registrar/Administrative Assistant

p: (757) 565-9438

LHMS School Counseling Mission Statement

LHMS School Counselors provide a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program to address the academic, career, personal/social needs of all students. In collaboration with the students, parents/guardians, staff, and other stakeholders, the School Counselors facilitate a positive equitable data driven program that advocates for student success. School Counselors encourage students to embrace lifelong learning and positive community citizenship.

How to Connect with Your School Counselor:
Students: Fill out the “I Need to See My School Counselor” form located in the counseling lobby or in your classroom. Leave form in the purple box inside the counseling office. Your School Counselor will send a pass to meet with you.
Parents/Guardians: Either call or e-mail your School Counselor to schedule an appointment any time.

How School Counselors Connect with You:
-Discussing and understanding feelings
-Exploring career, academic, and personal/social options
-Developing healthy coping skills and action plans
-Sorting out problems and reach decisions
-Developing student self-awareness through understanding strengths and weaknesses
-Developing healthy relationships through active communication

Program Delivery:
Individual Support: Help students explore concerns and develop healthy coping skills.
Group Counseling: Facilitate small student groups designed to share thoughts and feelings about specific topic(s).
Classroom Guidance: Meet with students in classroom setting in order to help them understand topics relevant to their growth and development.
Academic/Career Planning: Collaborate and determine appropriate placement for students to achieve academic goals and assist in career exploration.
Responsive Services: Engage in activities designed to meet students’ immediate needs and concerns; may include referrals and/or consultation with outside agencies.