Dress Code
Doing our best and being successful every day relies on looking and feeling our best. Clothing and dress can be a form of individual
expression; however, it should always convey a sense of personal pride and confidence that is conducive to learning. In order to ensure
that our learning environment reflects a professional atmosphere, WJCC middle schools have the following guidelines and expectations
for school dress.
If contacted by the school administration, a parent/guardian may be requested to come to the school to provide acceptable clothing. If
a parent/guardian is unavailable or cannot be reached, the student will be provided with a change of clothing. Students unable to correct
their dress may receive low-level disciplinary consequences.
Our Beliefs
• All students should be able to dress comfortably for school and engage in the educational environment without fear of or actual
unnecessary discipline, body shaming, or discrimination.
• All students will learn and practice skills of personal responsibility and decision-making through making choices regarding daily dress
that allow for individual expression while also preparing them for life beyond high school.
Students Must Wear:
• Shirt/Dress (or the equivalent) – Tops must cover the chest from one armpit across to the other armpit and down to the waist so
that the stomach is covered. Tops must have straps.
• Pants/Jeans (or the equivalent)
• Shoes – Appropriate athletic shoes must be worn in PE class.
Students May Wear:
• Fitted pants, including nontransparent leggings, yoga pants, and skinny jeans
• Ripped jeans without exposed undergarments
• Clothing with commercial or athletic slogans
• Tank tops
• Athletic attire
Students Cannot Wear
• Sleepwear to include pajamas, slippers, blankets, and robes
• Swimsuits
• Violent language or images that includes hate speech, profanity, or pornography
• Images or language depicting/suggesting drug use, illegal activities, or threats
• Images and/or language that creates a hostile or intimidating educational environment based on identity or class
• Accessories that could be considered dangerous or could be used as a weapon ·
• Anything that could affiliate with illegal organizations or criminal activity
• Any clothing or manner of appearance that disrupts the educational/school-related environment will not be allowed.
• Head covers such as hoods, hats, caps, or facemasks are permitted for religious beliefs, health or safety, or when worn in connection
with a school sponsored event. Head covers should not be worn in a manner to disrupt the educational environment