The responsibility for the appearance of the students in WJC Schools rests with parents and students. It is important to dress for success. Attire should remain reflective of a professional workplace for both our young men and young ladies.

Student dress will reflect positively on the student, school, and learning environment, and should ultimately reflect standards of dress in the workplace at large. The faculty of Hornsby Middle School strongly encourages dress that reflects the academic standards for which we strive.

School administrators and faculty reserve the right to make decisions concerning school attire. If contacted by school administration, parents may be summoned to school to provide a change of clothing. Students unable to maintain professional dress may be placed in an alternative educational setting for the remainder of the day. Repeat violations will result in further consequences.

The following are professional dress requirements in effect for all school related activities unless otherwise specified by the administration. If the student is in doubt about attire, he or she should not wear it.

The following dress code will be in effect for the 2016-2017 school year 

  1. Hygiene is important in school and should be attended to daily.
  2. Clothing/accessories bearing obscene, offensive, profane, negative, suggestive, or abusive statements or images will not be permitted.
  3. Clothing that is torn, ripped, frayed, slashed, or made to appear as such may not be worn. Ripped or torn pants are not allowed.
  4. Clothing must not advertise/advocate/promote activities illegal to minors.
  5. Pants must be worn at the waistline, preferable with a belt. Sagging is not permitted. Students will be asked to tuck in their shirt or have pants cinched if sagging becomes a distraction.
  6. Shorts/skorts/dresses/skirts must be no shorter than the length of a students finger-tips with the article of clothing worn at the waist, their arms fully extended and shoulders relaxed. This length must be consistent all the way around the article of clothing.  For example, if shorts have a cut up on the side this must be finger-tip length.
  7. Any shirts must have a strap at least 2 inches wide. The width of a standard credit card or driver’s licenses.
  8. Muscle T’s, spaghetti straps, strapless tops, mesh weave, fishnet, sheer and see-through clothing, crop tops, and the like are not allowed.
  9. Bandanas may not be worn or adorned in any fashion, including the pattern as part of any clothing.
  10. Hats or any headwear, including do-rags and sunglasses must be removed prior to entering the building.
  11. Students may not wear the hoods of hooded sweatshirts on their heads. Students may be asked to remove the sweatshirt if this occurs in the school building.
  12. Coats are not to be worn inside the building during the school day. Coats must be put into the lockers upon arrival at school. Sweaters and light jackets may be worn during the day.
  13. Skin-tight clothing, such as biking shorts, jeggings, leggings, yoga pants, or spandex apparel, is not allowed.
  14. Clothing that shows midriff, buttocks, or excessive cleavage is prohibited.
  15. Sleepwear (pajamas/slippers) is not allowed.
  16. Backpacks must be placed inside the student’s locker during the school day. Small bags may ONLY be carried to PE class.
  17. All undergarments must remain properly under the appropriate cover or clothing and, therefore, no straps from undergarments shall be visible.
  18. Clothing or clothing accessories that are defamatory and/or distracting are not permitted.
  19. Any clothing, make-up, hairstyle, or manner of appearance that disrupts the educational process will not be allowed.

Students out of compliance with the above will be requested to correct their dress. If unable to do so the administration will authorize the student to call his/her parent/guardian to arrange for a change of clothing. Students unable to meet professional dress requirements may be placed in an alternative educational setting for the remainder of the day. Repeat violations will be cause for additional consequences.