Identification of Gifted Students

The Williamsburg-James City County Program for Gifted Students provides services for potentially gifted and identified gifted students in grades K-12.  Students are continuously screened for gifted services, but the formal gifted identification process for third  graders  will take takes place this first and second quarters of this school year. If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to know if your child is a candidate for screening for gifted services, please contact Cheryl Holzschuh, the gifted resource teacher/specialist here at J. B. Blayton.  She can be reached by email at The screening/testing process for 4th graders begins in March.


Basic Math Facts for Multiplication and Division

Parents- please make sure that your child is proficient with his or her multiplication and division facts through the 12’s. Many students have found our multiplication and long division challenging because they do not know their facts- or strategies to figure out the facts- by heart.  I asked the students to work on the basic facts games in “First in Math” until they earn a gold star.  You may also find triangular flashcards helpful.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions.