Change of Address

Please contact Mrs. Sandi Willard, Registrar, at (757) 566-4251, (ext. 23113) if your address has changed. A Residency Affidavit and two (2) Proofs of Residency must be provided before a student’s address can be updated in the school’s database.

The documentation must be dated within 30 days of the date the change was requested. Examples of Proof of Residency are listed below:

  • Evidence of residence purchase settlement statement
  • Evidence of tenancy lease
  • Real estate tax assessment
  • Utility bill Gas/water/electric
  • Temporary/Transitional Housing Verification

Change of Phone Numbers

Please contact Mrs. Sandi Willard, Registrar, at (757) 566-4251, ext. 23113 if your student’s contact information has changed. Changes should be submitted in writing to the registrar.

Change of Phone Numbers

If you are planning to move please contact the Guidance Office at (757) 566-4251, ext . 23113 to complete the appropriate withdrawal document. Upon receipt of a Request for Records from the student’s new school, official records/transcripts will be sent to that school by the Toano Registrar and Nurse.