KC Lin

KC Lin

Music Teacher

Welcome to the J.B. Blayton Music room!  I have been the music teacher for grades K-5 general music since the school opened last year September, 2010.  My undergraduate degree is in music education from the College of William and Mary.  I have completed two levels of Orff training at George Mason University and one level of Kodaly training at the Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford.

My previous teaching experience includes 6 years at Stonehouse Elementary and 2 years at Clara Byrd Baker Elementary, both in WJCC.

At J.B.Blayton Elementary, the children are scheduled for a weekly 45 minute long general music class. In general, the activities for each grade level are as follows:

Kindergarten classes experience music through rhymes, songs, singing games, dances, and playing rhythm instruments. Basic musical concepts of loud/soft, high/low, fast/slow, short/long, creating text and movement, steady beat and timbre are introduced. The children learn social skills such as taking turns and making choices. They build a repertoire of songs, games and rhymes, and play a variety of small percussion instruments.

Starting in First grade, basic music literacy skills are introduced. In First, Second, and Third grades, this is done primarily through songs, games, rhymes and folk dance. They also play percussion instruments, including the Orff instruments – xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels.

Fourth grade ties together the literacy skills prepared in the earlier grades with the study of the recorder. A motivational program called Recorder Karate is used, in which the children receive different colored “belts” for passing the songs in the sequence. The recorder unit culminates with a Recorder Recital in the spring. This experience with the recorder opens up a whole new musical experience for children by involving them with a melodic instrument. In addition to learning musical notation, they also learn the discipline required to master a musical instrument. For this reason, the recorder is also considered a preparation for playing a band or string instrument in the Fifth grade.

In the Fifth grade, students have the opportunity to participate in band, strings, or chorus. The band and strings classes are taught by itinerant teachers who see the students during their music time during centers. The 5th grade Chorus students rehearse once a week before school. Those students who choose General Music will study guitar, the Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels), and drums.

The chorus is open to any fifth grade student who loves to sing. It is an opportunity to sing more difficult music than is possible in the general music classroom. Chorus members also learn beginning choral behaviors, such as posture, breathing, diction, following a director, etc.


Piano Teachers

*Dorothy Raskin Ford’s Colony 757-565-1261 for interview
Currently teaching some JBB students.  Neighborhood is nearby. Very highly recommended!*Cathy Combs 757-220-1035

She is located on the other side of town near the DMV – about 15-20 mins. away but she has been highly recommended.

Carol Zoellner                   Williamsburg                        220 – 0868

New to the area this fall.  Brought brochure to the school.

Paulette Amory Williamsburg 757-229-6735

One of our 3rd graders is currently taking lessons from her.

These names were on the piano & organ outlet website – not sure if they are all current or where in the area they are located.

*Nancy Lanier In Kingswood off Jamestown Rd. 757-221-0799*
Myrna Brinkley Williamsburg 757-220-9489
Meribeth Tozier Williamsburg 757-564-8493
Hunter Moncure Williamsburg 757-229-2570
*Joelle Griffin-Russell Near Target & mid-county park 757-565-0120*
*Steve Hall Queens Creek near Penniman Rd. 757-345-3107
*I spoke to these  teachers