Senior Administration

Amy Stamm

Amy Stamm


Sarah Pittman
Senior Administrative Assistant

Sandy Vanleliveld

Sandy Vanleliveld

Assistant Principal

J. Blaine Blayton Elementary School
800 Jolly Pond Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188
p:  (757) 565-9300
f:  (757) 565-9301

Front Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Parent Notification Regarding Email Communication
As some parent email accounts are not recognized by the WJCC network security filter, please include your student’s name in the subject line when sending an email to the school or individual teacher. This will allow school personnel to identify legitimate email messages from parents.  Due to the security filter, email may not be received right away.  Please call the school if there is an emergency or if you need immediate assistance.

Faculty and Staff Listing


Amy Stamm Principal
Beth Pell Asst. Principal
Sarah Pittman Sr. Admin
Melanie Buffkin Registar
Marbury Abella Reception
Kate Crump Nurse
Nicolle Davis Nurse- Bright Beginings
Lynette Nice Counselor 233


2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Ashby McDonald 228
Kelli Cooke 232
Simone Beldon 234
Sarah McCormick 250

4th Grade

5th Grade

Crai Reynolds 210
Jenna Katuzienski 213
Heidi Demasi 214
Caitlin Hanacek 222



Special Education

Abby Reynolds 258
Janet Covington-Sykes 131
Julia Henderson 129
Leigh Ann Joerger 219
Carol Drake 219
Janelle Gochenour OT  164
Sue Larkin PT  164
Ronica Leftwich Speech  257

Itinerant/Support Staff

Leslie Bell-Stanton 255     School Psychologist
KorenVirella 255     Social Worker
Diane Huebner 127
Marion Ponton 104     ITRT
Elizabeth Caine Orchestra
Marie Johnson Band
Janie Darone Chorus

Instructional Support

Judith Carter
Tammi Collins
Linda Doyle
Brent Green
Ashley Hastings
Heather Hughes
Jamie Jordan
Izabella Lada
Debbie Lathrop
Jenni Lisle
Christina Thompson
Beth Walter

Bright Beginnings

Renee Dino Supervisor
Stacey Long Admin.
Nicolle Davis Nurse- BB
Alicia Ashiero 115
Cherie Apperson 115
Erica Ende 115
Sara Clark 117
Ginger Thompson 117
Gina Walker 117
Debbie Deane 110
Gloria Roberston 110
Vicotria Soule 110
Celena Hodnett 113
Haydee Ward 113
Carles Hankle 113
Regini Ihsane 121
Kellie Ernst 121
Jessica Pearson 119
Tammy Lynch 119
Sarah Sims 109
Annie Collins 109
Paige Hanna 109
Rachel Tuttle 108
DeShele Cox 108
Linda Ingleson Itinerant 164
Kathleen Tobias Speech 122