At JBB, students are expected to wear attire that is appropriate for school and promotes participation in all activities throughout the school day.

Student Dress

Children should dress comfortably so that they can take part in physical activities with ease and take part in art activities without fear of ruining clothing. For example, long dresses, sandals and clogs make physical activities difficult and unsafe. Remember students participate in physical education classes weekly and recess on a daily basis so tennis shoes should either be worn or brought to school. Flip flops, open toe shoes, and tennis shoes with wheels have caused injuries and may not be worn.

Students’ clothing must cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to approximately 3 to 4 inches in length on the upper thighs. Tops must have shoulder straps.  Rips or tears in clothing should be lower than the 3 to 4 inches in length. Offensive messages on clothing are prohibited. Hats, jackets, and hoods may not be worn inside.

Weather Changes

WJCC Schools is committed to providing students with daily outdoor recess in an effort to promote healthy activity. Please be sure that students come to school dressed for the appropriate weather. We monitor wind chills and heat indices throughout the year. In the winter, our guidelines encourage outdoor activity unless the wind chill reaches 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

WJCC Dress Code

The responsibility for the appearance of the students rests with the parents and the students themselves. They have the right to determine students’ dress, providing the attire complies with the health code of the Commonwealth, and does not interfere with the educational process or pose a threat to the safety of the student or others. Student dress will reflect positively on the students, school, and learning environment, and should ultimately reflect standards of dress in the workplace at large.

Dress that is disruptive, distracting, or revealing is not acceptable. The school administration reserves the right to make decisions concerning questionable and inappropriate school attire. If contacted by the school administration, parents may be requested to come to the school to exchange unacceptable clothing.

Requirements for attire for school-related programs, activities, and events shall be gender neutral or provide choice.

Students shall comply with individual dress codes established by their school. Individual schools in Williamsburg-James City County may establish requirements for students to wear uniforms while in attendance during the regular school day (School Board Policy JFCA).