6/2/17 Construction Update

Work performed last week:

  • Backfilled foundation walls and placed porous sand fill in the remainder of Unit C preparing for the slab-on-grade pour.
  • Continued mechanical room exterior walls to roof joist bearing height
  • Continued exterior and interior concrete masonry unit walls on Level 1 to Level 2 joist bearing in Units A, C and D
  • Continued structural steel columns, beams and joists in Unit A supporting Level 2
  • Continued in-wall plumbing and electrical rough-in in Units B2, C1 and D1
  • Continued above ceiling mechanical, plumbing and electrical rough-in in Unit B1
  • Continued site demolition of existing curb and asphalt in the parking lot at the corner of Longhill Road and Ironbound Road
  • Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Administration (VOSHA) conducted an unannounced inspection of the entire project site on June 1, 2017. The local VOSHA inspector was accompanied by the head of VOSHA during the inspection. Only a few minor non-compliances were noted. OPCC addressed all non-compliant items the following work days.
  • Note: Areas D & C are the single story section of the school. That includes the gym, cafeteria, kitchen, music, art and fitness rooms. Areas A & B are the 3-story classroom sections.