Work Performed this Week:

  • Continued structural steel and roof decking in Unit B
  • Began roof steel and joists in Unit A
  • Continued installing roof deck in the Unit C locker rooms
  • Continued exterior metal framing on the high walls on the gymnasium
  • Continued load-bearing masonry in Units A, B3, and C
  • Continued exterior brick veneer in Unit B1
  • Continued installing clips for the exterior composite wall panels on the high walls of the gymnasium
  • Roofing material delivered for Unit B
  • Continued installing sprinkler pipe in Unit B3
  • Continued mechanical, electrical, and plumbing wall rough-in as masonry work progressed
  • Continued hanging ductwork in Units B1 and B3
  • Cooling towers delivered
  • Continued above ceiling domestic water piping in Units B and A
  • Continued electrical above ceiling rough-in in Units B3
  • Placed subbase stone in the bus loop
  • Installed rain leaders from Unit B to storm structure SS#2-10
  • Made the final domestic water connection at the building

Note: Areas D & C are the single-story section of the school. That includes the gym, cafeteria, kitchen, music, art, and fitness rooms. Areas A & B are the 3-story classroom sections.

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