Work Performed this Week:

  • Continued interior CMU and brick in Unit A
  • Continued non-load bearing interior CMU walls in throughout
  • Continued exterior framing and sheathing in Units A and C
  • Installed exterior composite wall panels and flashings in Units B and A
  • Continued interior framing, hanging gypsum board, sound insulation, and finishing in Units AB2, AB1, and C
  • Continued priming and painting in Units B3 and C
  • Continued final hydronic and duct connections to the VAVs in Units A and B
  • Continued hanging VAVs and ductwork in Units A, C, and D
  • Continued insulating low and medium pressure ductwork and risers in Units AB3 and AB2
  • Continued setting and welding steel hydronic piping in Unit C mechanical room
  • Installed lights in the ceiling grid in Units AB3 and AB2
  • Pulled fire alarm wiring in Unit AB3
  • Roughed-in electrical to the mechanical room pumps
  • Continued installing ceiling grid in Unit B2
  • Meter release inspection passed for the natural gas service

Note: Areas D & C are the single-story section of the school. That includes the gym, cafeteria, kitchen, music, art, and fitness rooms. Areas A & B are the 3-story classroom sections.

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