Work Performed this Week:

  • Continued exterior framing at the entrance canopies 
  • Continued exterior masonry at the mechanical yard walls 
  • Continued hanging exterior metal panels in Unit B 
  • Continued work on the curtainwalls in Unit B 
  • Continued setting exterior frames, doors, and hardware 
  • Continued interior wall and ceiling framing, gypsum board, and finishing in Units A1, C, and D 
  • Continued ceiling grid in Unit D music 
  • Continued mechanical ductwork in Units A1, C, and D 
  • Continued mechanical pipe in the mechanical room and yard 
  • Continued flushing and filtering the mechanical pipe in preparation for equipment startup 
  • Continued work by all trades in the science classrooms in Units B3 and B2 
  • Continued terminating devices in Units AB3 and AB2 
  • Continued installing lights in AB1 
  • Continued pulling wire in Unit A1 
  • Continued terminating wiring in the main electric room and mechanical room 
  • Continued terminating control wiring in the main mechanical room and rooftop units 
  • The moisture level of the concrete substrate was tested for installation of the flooring systems 

Note: Areas D & C are the single-story section of the school. That includes the gym, cafeteria, kitchen, music, art, and fitness rooms. Areas A & B are the 3-story classroom sections.