Picture (L to Right) Tom Nuckols, James Niles, Derrick Neilson, Ryan Saul, Max Denkins
Bottom Left to Right:
Carmina Filippi, and Alexandra Cavazos

Team Aboat Time & Team Prop-A-Sea for placing first and second place in the SNAME Boat Design Competition

Congratulations to team Aboat Time and Team Prop-A-Sea for placing first and second place in the SNAME Boat Design Competition on Saturday, April 26! This is the first of the six years that we have taken both first and second! The weather was beautiful and there was excellent team work and communication; even between the two Jamestown teams.  Thank you to all that came out to support our young engineers and helped to bring the steel boat back to port Jamestown.

Aboat Time -FIRST PLACE and winner of “The Rock,” the coveted traveling trophy for the SNAME Boat Design Competition 

1. Alexandra Cavazos

2. Derrick Neilson

3. Max Denkins



1. Edward Choi (Substitute: James Niles for the race)

2. Ryan Saul

3. Carmina Filippi


Boy And Sea – SUPERLATIVE “MAST” -ERFUL PUN            

1. Jonathon Snyder

2. James Niles

3. Stephen Pantagis

4. Ryan Mason



1. Dylan Tross

2. Matthew Bochain

3. Daniel Napolitano


Fore the Group

1. Tyler Price

2. Jonathan Buffkin

3. Anthony Delapena


HMS Narwhal

1. Daniel Gilmour

2. Kyle   Bentley

3. Tyree Mitchell

New Library Lunch Procedures

As you may have noticed, lunch time in the library has become quite busy this year. In order to meet the needs of those students who would like to use the library during lunch while still ensuring a quiet atmosphere for our online students, scheduled classes and students completing tests and assignments, we are implementing new procedures for students who want to come to the library during lunch time. Starting on Monday, December 2nd, we are only admitting lunch visitors who have finished their lunch in the cafeteria and have a pass.
How do you get a lunch pass? You may pick one up from the library in the morning before school or in between classes. You may also get a lunch pass from one of your teachers. Lunch passes will not be given during class time or during ELT.

When you arrive to the library, show your pass to Mrs. DeGroft, Mrs. Knowles, or Mrs. Bose and sign in. You are welcome to read, study, complete assignments, or enjoy our games quietly.