Student 2 Student Leaders

Student 2 Student Leaders Show Off Jamestown to Transfer Students

blue team

Team Blue

OCrew Teams Battle to Win Best Team

yellow team

OCrew Team Yellow

Team Yellow Is Ready for OCrew

eagle orientation

Our JHS Eagle Welcomes Freshsmen

The Jamestown Eagle Welcomes Our Freshmen


What is 6th Block?

What is 6th block?

Dear Jamestown families,

Each Jamestown student is assigned an Advisory block which appears as a 6th block on the student’s schedule.  These classes will meet every Friday during AEP (formerly ELT).  Advisory serves as a homeroom and a time to prepare students for Student Led Conference Nights which will be held October 30, 2014 and March 12, 2015.  During conference nights, students will formally present academic portfolios to their families.  Students will work with the same advisor throughout their years at Jamestown.  We look forward to the opportunity of enhancing student learning and building community by encouraging all students to meet their potential.

retreat group

Curriculum Leaders Get Ready for 2014-2015

retreat leaders

Leadership Retreat Starts the Year Rolling

new teachers

JHS Welcomes New Teachers to the Nest

JHS Welcomes New Teachers to the Nest