Refurb Collage

Refurbishment at Jamestown Continues On Schedule

The refurbishment continues to remain on schedule at Jamestown. Most, if not all of the painting is completed.  Floors have been installed in all classrooms.  Flooring has also been installed in the Studies, World Language, English, and Math hallways.  Work is currently underway on hall floors in the North hall and stair wells.  Next week contractors will begin work on the balcony.  Carpet installation in the AP offices and Media Center will begin within the next two weeks.

Students and staff will have colorful, clean and comfortable classrooms and offices when school begins September 8th!  More pictures of the progress below.

room really unfinishedIMG_2852

 Room UnfinishedRm 228 with baseboard

SS and WL HallwayIMG_2862

football read3

Football Players Coach Elementary Students on Reading

Members of the Jamestown JV Football team recently visited summer school students at Blayton Elementary.  Players paired up with students to help them practice their reading skills.  The team enjoyed a break from practice in the heat and the younger students were thrilled to get a visit from our Eagles.