There will be a meeting for all juniors who are taking AP Literature next year during Monday’s AEP in the cafeteria. All juniors who are taking AP Lit next year should come to the cafeteria during AEP on Monday.

If you had a textbook that you were using for AP Exams, please return it to the Media Center as soon as possible.

Jamestown High School’s Art and Literature magazine is on sale during lunches this week! $10 per copy.  Stop by the table at lunch, take a look and purchase a copy for yourself.

If you are the Junior Boy who won a 2017 Fall Parking Pass at After-Prom, you must claim your prize immediately!  Please take your certificate in its envelope to Mrs. Deal in room 206 today.

Learn to Fly through the Williamsburg Aviation Scholarship Program. Applications and more information  are available through high school counselors, at the Williamsburg Jamestown Airport and online on the Jamestown webpage.  You could get your Private Pilot license.