On Jan 23rd of this year, 14 students (listed below) from GSST joined over 6000 students from across the country to take the FNet test which is the first step to qualify for the US Physics Olympiad team.  Students listed below participated in this arduous exam.   GSST students performed very well. Nationally the median score was an 8 with an average score of 9.1.

Students needed to score a 16 to qualify as Semi-Finalist. GSST students scored an average of 10.3 with a median of 10. Three Students Nick Gu, Finn Hulse, and Emery Shelly almost qualified with scores of 15, 14, and14 respectively. P

Congratulations to Tabb Student Albert Guo and Jamestown student Leo Murphy for qualifying as Semi-Finalist this year. They will be competing on Tuesday April 2nd to earn medals or qualify for the US Physics Olympiad team which will be competing this year in the International Physics Olympiad in Tel Aviv, Israel. Congratulations to all the students and good luck Albert and Leo in April!

HUNTER CULVERHOUSE Jamestown HS 11th Grade
CHARLES CUTLER Smithfield HS   11th Grade
NICHOLAS GU Tabb HS           11th Grade
ALBERT GUO Tabb HS           11th Grade
FINN E HULSE Jamestown HS 12th Grade
CAMERON MATEER  Grafton HS        11th Grade
CATHERINE E MIKHAILOVA  Bruton HS         12th Grade
DAVID MORGAN  Warwick HS      11th Grade
BOHENG MU  Warhill HS         12th Grade
LEO MURPHY Jamestown HS  11th Grade
EMERY SHELLY  Lafayette HS      12th Grade
MARIA STUEBNER Tabb HS            11th Grade
KAI E VYLET York HS             12th Grade
SONYA WOO Lafayette HS      11th Grade