Per CollegeBoard changes, AP Exam Registration for students enrolled in a Yearlong or Semester 1 (Fall) AP course will take place online from September 16th, 2019- November 4th, 2019. The cost of each AP exam is $98 per exam. A partial payment option is available and fee reductions/waivers may apply for those who qualify.

Please note: All AP exams must be ordered by November 4th, 2019 for students in a Yearlong or Semester I (Fall) AP course. Per CollegeBoard, any exams ordered after the fall date will be charged an additional $40 late fee per exam. Similarly, any exams cancelled or not taken after this date will be charged a $40 fee per exam. Students taking a Semester 2 (Spring) AP course will receive additional instructions once their course begins. 

To register, please go to the online registration link for your zoned high school during the registration window:

Please contact the school counseling department at your zoned high school with any questions or concerns.