The Williamsburg-James City County School Division is committed to preparing students to progress academically, to achieve success and to accept responsibility for themselves. As a part of this commitment, the school division has established attendance performance guidelines for all students in grades K-12.


  • EXCUSED ABSENCE – Absences which include circumstances beyond the control of students, parent/guardians, and the school may be grounds for an absence to be excused.

Reasons for excused absences include: illness, quarantine, natural disaster, religious holiday, death in immediate family, legal or medical appointments, and school sponsored/related activities.

  • UNEXCUSED ABSENCE – Any absence which keeps a student away from school AND is not excused for the reasons above. Examples of

Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to, vacation, personal travel (including travel sports), missing the bus, childcare, and truancy

  • DOCUMENTATION OF ABSENCE– The parent or legal guardian shall provide a written letter, or email, and other requested documentation for an absence to be excused. If circumstances permit, the parent/guardian should provide the school administration with the reason for the nonattendance prior to the absence. JHS attendance clerk is Cindy Kordek.  Her email address is
  • Up to 10 absences per student per year may be excused with note from parent/guardian for excused absences with reasons listed above. After the 10 absences with parent note, absences will require a doctor’s note for illness/appointments. Additional absences will require documentation to support the absence.


For high school classes and credit bearing courses taken in middle school, students with 9 or more (excused or unexcused) absences from any course with a given semester will receive a failing grade (59/N) for that semester or the actual class grade, whichever is lower.

There will be a waiver process for extenuating circumstances.


  •  Notification of an Early Release must be submitted 2 hours prior to the requested dismissal time.  These requests can be submitted through a morning note from the student or email Mrs. Kordek-
  • If you are unable to provide the request 2 hours in advance, the parent or guardian will need to come into the attendance office and sign the student out.