Congratulations to Kris Adams, our Support Employee of the Year. Without our support employees, the teaching and learning cannot happen in our school. These employees form the connective tissue that binds our teachers, students, and administration together. Our support employees bring our students to school, feed them, provide essential services, keep our schools safe and clean, and maintain important data and records.

Our faculty and staff chose Ms. Adams to represent JHS as she exemplifies our core values: Focus, Leadership, Inclusion, Global Awareness, Honor, and Transformation (FLIGHT).

Take a look at what a colleague shared of Ms. Adams:

  • Ms. Adams is one of the most hard-working employees at this school. She works tirelessly in both classrooms and the testing lab to ensure that our students with disabilities get the accommodations and services that they need. Ms. Adams never hesitates to go above and beyond and also supports the Special Education teachers across our entire department.

Congratulations Ms. Adams!