Announcements for February 6, 2018

There will be a tennis informational meeting on Wednesday Feb. 7th after school in room 161.

Students, want to kick start your career while you are still in high school?  Check out the New Horizons Open House Thursday February, 8th from 5:30 to 7:30 in Hampton and Newport News.  You could take a class in criminal justice and work with the FBI, get certified in cyber-security or spend your days with animals in the veterinary assistance program.  More information is available on the school website.

Today is the second day of “National School Counseling Week”! To celebrate, we are focusing on our aspirations.

Aspirations are defined as a hope or ambition of achieving something.  We sometimes call them starts-things you are reaching for.  Sometimes aspirations, like stars, can seem so far away that they can’t be touched.  But that doesn’t have to be your reality.  Aspirations can be anything you want them to be.  A career choice, personal wellness goal.  an academic goal, anything. If you could list one or two things you would like to achieve, what would they be?

A wise man once said, “Your aspirations are your possibilities.”

If you ever want to chat about your aspirations or possibilities, feel free to stop by and see your school counselor. Live with purpose today!