Field Trip to York River State Park

Ms. Mullan’s Field Bio class visited the marshlands of York River State Park and enjoyed learning about wetland species through getting up close and personal with the fiddler crab, the periwinkle snail, and even a black rat snake!

WJCC Invites you to attend the Honors Presentations of Honors Seal Candidates. Tuesday May 22nd, 2018 4:00 pm Lafayette High School Lecture Hall and Lower Commons

Presentation of Honors Seal Candidates

From Jamestown High School

Clarke Agnew wrote a nearly-100-page business model/valuation for tech allowing purchases to be made via one’s smartphone.

Sarah Barry researched and wrote a detailed history of the children’s book industry in the United States.
Belle Long instituted and operated the GirlUp club at JHS and designed a feminist website, including resources, to accompany it.

Marie-Helena Peeters interviewed a variety of female scientists at NASA and painted their portraits en masse, resulting in a public exhibition.

Ekaterina Savelyeva investigated popular portrayals of famous females throughout history, such as Joan of Arc, and wrote a paper analyzing how such media portrayals contributed to societal understandings of the historical figures.

Jeffrey Shi, working alongside a W&M mathematics professor, wrote a publishable paper concerning the optimal density of snub trihexagonal tilings.

Angelique Vo composed an original musical score, based on multicultural folk songs, representing the degrees to which immigrants’ native languages are replaced by English in their households, relative to overall cultural immersion in the USA.

Samantha Zhang, working alongside two W&M professors, investigated common pedagogical differences between elementary-aged mathematics education in the United States and in China, composing results in an Ed. paper.

From Lafayette High School
Elinor Klee
From Warhill High School
Erin Tweed

Wiffle Ball to Raise Money for Dream Catchers

Members of the Key Club recently held a wiffle ball tournament to benefit Dream Catchers.

2018-2019 Key Club Officers Installed

WJCC Key Clubs held a ceremony to install incoming officers and thank outgoing officers.  The JHS Key Club officers for 2018-2019 are: Sebastian Lodwick (president), Thomas Hallett (vice president), Caitlin Day (secretary), and Kyle Baker (treasurer).

Get All the FAQS on Summer Online Econ and Personal Finance Class

REVISED Flyer EPF 2018- Grade 9 – 12

2017-2018 – EPF Online Registration Form – All Students

Biology Field Trip to W&M’s Integrated Science Center

William & Mary’s Biology department opened their doors to Mr. Leone’s Honors Biology class to build upon their in class work with DNA by applying real-world applications of biotechnological techniques (Polymerase Chain Reaction and Gel Electrophoresis).

Seniors, Let Your Voice Be Heard at Graduation

Any graduating senior may apply to present one of two speeches during graduation. In order to
apply, please follow the directions below.

Using your best writing ability, please write an explanation of 250 words or fewer about why
you should be chosen to represent your class as a speaker at graduation. Be sure to include the
topic of your proposed talk, as well as a title that you potentially wish to use. Please note that
you are not to write the speech itself, just a description of your proposed topic. Your essay
needs to explain the rationale behind the topic that you chose and its relevancy to your peers and
the audience. Write or type your essay on a separate paper. Be sure to attach this form to your
essay when you submit it.

Your essay will be reviewed by a panel of staff and seniors and will be judged according to…
Diverse appeal
Relevancy of message
Motivation for speaking

If selected to be a finalist, you will be contacted for an interview with the committee to discuss
further your interest in being a speaker at graduation. This interview will be mandatory, and
students unwilling or unable to be interviewed on that afternoon will not be selected to present
graduation speeches. Interviews will occur after school during the first full week of May.
Make sure to turn in your essay, attached to this form, to Mrs. Miller in the Main Office of
Jamestown High School no later than 2:30 P.M. on Friday, May 4, 2018.

2018 Graduation Speaker Application PDF