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Concourse 9 Application Deadlines

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■ Application deadline extended to May 24th
■ Limited space available!
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Course Description

Through project-based learning and a focus on health and medical science, this course will encourage and enable students to participate in continuous collaborative inquiry. Students will explore connections between art, biology, English and history while examining the past, present and future of the health and medical eld. Student success will be evaluated through the researching, creating and presenting of two summative projects each semester.

Objectives in this course, students will:

  • PARTICIPATE in an ongoing learning community that processes and evaluates content and/or problems at the local, national and/or global level.
  • SELF-REGULATE through effective management of time and goals, while recognizing the importance of resiliency.
  • DESIGN AND CREATE to unearth new insights and develop deeper understanding across content areas.
  • COMMUNICATE effectively across a variety of conditions. Give and receive open-minded, caring and e ective communications in the form of writing, artwork, prototypes and presentations.
  • REFLECT through thoughtful planning and evaluation of initial projects in order to assess the success of product outcomes and learning.
  • COLLABORATE responsibly and respectfully participate in a team that works together, remains organized, and focuses on a common goal.
  • EVALUATE learning and the success of the outcome and product.
  • DEMONSTRATE ACADEMIC CURIOSITY by investigating beyond-the-classroom tasks to generate ideas and products that are innovative and solve real-world problems.
  • RECOGNIZE the beauty of diversity and equality and demonstrate skills and character of outstanding citizens.
  • EXPAND VISUAL LITERACY by exploration and the drive to analyze and articulate the intent and impact of various graphic depictions.
  • CONNECT content and media to nd commonalities.