Jessica Switzer

Lead Counselor

9th E-J
10th E-I
11th F-I
12th G-K
757-259-3600 (ext. 31121)

Adrienne Gonzalo


9th A-D
10th A-D
11th A-E
12th A-F
757-259-3600 (ext. 31120)

Jennifer Smethurst


9th K-Q
10th J-O
11th J-Q
12th L-Q
757-259-3600 (ext. 31119)

Gary Breaux


9th R-Z
10th R-Z
11th R-Z
12 R-Z
757-259-3600 (ext.31118)

Andrea Dorcy

Data Entry Specialist

757-259-3600 (ext. 31117)

Tamika Freeman

Guidance Registrar

757-259-3600 (ext. 31114)
Fax: 757-259-3723

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2017-2018 Curriculum Information
College Admissions Counselors

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JHS Counseling Calendar 2017-2018