Baseball seasons begins on Wednesday, March 13. Game times are 4:30 pm. If you car is parked in the teacher parking lot after 4:30 pm, you risk being hit by a foul ball.  Please be advised, your car is at risk of being hit by a foul ball on Baseball game days after 4:30 pm.

Dr. Mamie Phipps Clark was a Psychologist who performed pioneering research on how children of color grew to prefer features associated with white people through “The Doll Test.” The test showed that African American children, ages 3 to 7 had an overwhelming preference for white dolls. The children, half of them whom attended segregated schools, were presented four dolls-two brown with black hair and two white with yellow hair. These findings became key evidence in the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education which, in 1954, ruled segregation unconstitutional in American public schools.