FINAL NOTICE!  If you are parking on school property without a current parking permit.  Your vehicle/license has been researched and your name is now on the Debt List.  If your name remains on this list, you may not attend some school functions including but not limited to Prom.  You may also be subject to a disciplinary referral.  See Mrs. Deal in Room 206 to purchase your Spring Parking permit today.

Jacob Lawrence was a painter, storyteller and interpreter who is best known for portraying the African American experience. He was active during the Harlem Renaissance, a turning point in black cultural history. He is best known for his series, The Migration of the Negro, which depicts the Great Migration, the movement of approximately 6 million African American people from the rural south to urban centers in the northeast, Midwest and west between 1910 and 1940. It was debuted at the prestigious Downtown Gallery in New York in 1943. Additionally, Lawrence was the first African American artist to have a collection at the Museum of Modern Art, MOMA, in New York City.