Jamestown High School SCA Class Officer Elections: October 7th and 8th.  Elections will take place on Canvas. Vote for your Class Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Communications Director, Treasurer *All campaigning must be clean. Any personal attacks will be considered cyberbullying. Applications will be withdrawn and disciplinary actions will swiftly follow.

The MTSS team would like to congratulate our student FLIGHT Feathers honorees (listed below). Each of these students were recognized by our departments for their embodiment of JHS’s core values: Focus, Leadership, Inclusion, Global Awareness, Honesty, and Transformation (FLIGHT).

  • Maesyn Albert
  • Madison Lilly
  • Rebekah Molloy
  • Kathryn Miller – not pictured
  • Georgia Pierce – not pictured
  • Ashley Rivera
  • Hunter Smith – not pictured
  • Isaac Stamper
  • Walker Van Kirk
  • Maddie Weiler

This year, College Visits will be held on Fridays in a virtual setting. All students are invited to attend these visits, but juniors and seniors are strongly encouraged to do so. The schedule of visiting colleges is available on the website. The meeting link for each visit is included on the schedule. Please check the schedule regularly as colleges are being added daily and be sure to note the date and time of schools of interest. This is a great opportunity to have a small group conversation with our admissions representative and learn about schools when visiting in person is not an option.