Finn Hulse to Represent the United States at the International Philosophy Olympiad

The American Philosophy Olympiad is the Pre-College Philosophy Writing Contest of the USA connected to the world of international philosophy. The top two American writers win a trip to a different host country each year. In 2018 the two winners will be traveling to Bar, Montenegro to compete with national winners from more than 50 other countries. Mr. Finn Hulse will travel with the American team in May. The mission of both the APO and the International Philosophy Olympiad is for high school students to contribute to the development of critical, inquisitive, creative and international thinking. All students write a philosophy essay in response to one of four philosophical prompts or questions at the IPO during a four-hour timed writing in a language which is not their own! Finn will be writing in French. The four official languages of the IPO are English, French, German and Spanish. The other American winner, Mr. Parsa Modareszadeh from Texas, will be writing in Spanish.

Congratulations, Finn, on your academic accomplishment!