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Lee De GroftLibrarian
April KnowlesLibrarian
Renate BoseLibrary Assistant

Library Hours

M – Th: 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Fri.: 7:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

*Use Google Chrome*

These websites are a great place to get started.  Be creative!  Once you have designed something you would like to print – save the file to your network drive.

  • Thingiverse
    Find pre-made objects to print in Thingiverse! Make sure you read the notes and comments sections for extra printing tips. No username/passwords needed. Use Google Chrome!
  • Tinkercad
    Use 3D shapes to create objects that you can then print. You must make a free account before using the site. However, the teacher can make one account and the whole class can log into that account at the same time.
    Tinkercad Tutorial
    Gallery of pre-made, customizable objects-
  • Online converter
    Use this website to convert image files to .svg files. This lets you upload the .svg image to TinkerCad to make it a 3D design.
  • Ideas:
    – Make something in Word, use the “Snipping Tool” to take a picture of it, use Online Converter to turn it into a .svg file, and upload to Tinkercad to turn it into a 3D design.
    – Draw something on paper, take a picture of it, use Online Converter to turn it into a .svg file, and upload to Tinkercad to turn it into a 3D design.
  • World Book Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos: Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos offers World Book’s content in Spanish. It includes a Spanish visual dictionary, bilingual features, resources for people, places, science, mathematics, world religions, plants & animals, history & government, the arts, and sports & recreation.
  • Mango Languages: Login with wjcc plus the student id number.  Students can create accounts and track progress or randomly.  Over 44 languages are available.  Special resources include movies that allow students to engage with dialogue, grammar, etc., as well as specialized modules, including texting in Spanish and Romance in French.
  • Spanish Language Books via the Library:  There are over 800 spanish language books available from other WJCC schools.  To find them, access the Online Catalog link use the search terms “spanish language” and under location, choose Williamsburg-James City County Schools.  You may request any book in the district, just see your librarians.

Animoto: Free accounts make 60 second videos.  Librarians can make you an educational account with premium features.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Office365 and log in
  3. Accept the terms and conditions
  4. School/Teacher Name: jamestownhs
  5. Access Key: jhseagles
  6. Recommended: Record your login information

Prezi: Create free public account.  Templates available or create your own. Add images, video, etc.  Share via link, download as pdf or prezi portable file.

Copyright-Free Audio Resources:

Copyright-Free Image Resources (check each website for terms):

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I visit the library?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:45:41-04:00

You can visit the library before school (we open at 7:00), during classes (on a pass issued by a teacher), during all lunches, and after school (M-T, we are open until 3:30).

I forgot my network password. How do I get it reset?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:46:10-04:00

We can help!  Just give us your last name, first initial, and your year of graduation, and we’ll be glad to reset it for you.

How do I find a book in the library? How do I check it out?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:46:42-04:00
  • You can use our online catalog
  • You can ask one of the librarians for help!
  • You can check out up to 4 books.  Textbooks do not count.
  • To check out a book, simply bring the book to the circulation desk and give us your name.  You can check out a book for a two week period.
Can I check out equipment?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:47:04-04:00
  • Yes!  We have Ti 83 calculators, flipcameras, digital cameras, flash drives, and headphones available for student check out.
  • You can check out equipment on an overnight basis.
  • Remember, you are responsible for the equipment — if it is lost or damaged, you must pay for the replacement of the equipment!
What programs do you have available on the computers in the library?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:47:42-04:00
  • Microsoft Office
  • Audacity
  • MovieMaker
  • PhotoStory
  • Inspiration
  • Video converters
Can I bring my lunch to the library?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:48:07-04:00

No, but you are welcome to come to the library after you have finished eating.  You will need a lunch pass.

Do you issue bus passes if I need to stay after school?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:48:38-04:00

If you will be riding the activity bus home, you will need to go to 5th Block to wait.  You will receive a bus pass from the 5th Block monitor.

Do you have a copying machine available for student use?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:49:00-04:00

No; however, we do have scanners to scan pages from books and documents that are school-related.  See one of the librarians for help.

How much does it cost to print?WJCC Schools2019-05-03T18:49:27-04:00

If you are printing something for a class, it is free.  Please let us know if it will be more than three pages, and try to cut and paste from web documents to avoid printing unneeded images and ads.

Can I come to the library during Academic Enrichment Period?WJCC Schools2019-05-19T15:58:30-04:00
Request a pass from the teacher who has assigned the work that needs to be completed in the Library.  You will then show that pass to your AEP teacher who will release you to the Library.  Upon entering the Library, you will need to turn in your pass and sign in.
What are the Library guidelines during AEP?WJCC Schools2019-05-19T15:58:55-04:00
  • You must have a pass.
  • You must remain in the Library until the bell rings for 1st Block.