Teachers have the option of checking textbooks out and in to their students on their own (you may borrow a scanner from the library to make this easier); having a librarian visit your classroom with a laptop to check them out; or sending students as a class to the library.

Textbook check-in At the end of the semester or year, textbooks are checked in from the students using these procedures.

Textbook check-out At the beginning of semester or year, textbooks are checked out to students using these procedures.

Running Textbooks Reports After checking out textobooks to students it is a good idea to run a Textbook Report.  This will show the barcode number of the textbook assigned to each student.  Keep a printed copy handy or download the pdf.  It is also a good idea to run a report after books have been checked in to determine which copies are still outstanding.  At any time, you may also ask the librarians to run reports and they will be emailed to you.