Submit announcements for clubs, activities, meetings, etc., via email to Mrs. Bose, Mrs. De Groft and Mrs. Knowles.  Announcements are posted on the website and given to the front office to be read in the morning. If you have a late announcement that needs to be read at the end of the day (cancelling a meeting, for example) contact the front office directly.

Please note the duration you want the announcement to run.

Access and Passes

The Library is open to students before and after school without a pass.  During the school day, if you send students to the library, they must have a pass with their name and signed by the teacher.  Students must have a reason to use the library resources rather than just to hang out.

Network and BOYD Logins

Students have new network logins this year. Logins will not be activated until AUP forms are signed and submitted to Guidance.  Both Guidance and the Library staff can issue login names and reset passwords.  BOYD forms must also be turned in before students can use their network logins to access it.  Please turn in these First Day Forms to Guidance as soon as possible.  Students will not be able to use a computer until forms are submitted, signed off in VUE, and enabled by the technology department.

Network Drives:  When you are logged onto a District computer you have access to six different network drives: the computer hard drive; your personal drive (only you can see this); Stu Share (visible to students and staff); TeaShare (only teachers can see this) and WJCC (all District personnel can access).

Laptop Carts

Laptop carts may be checked out through Share Point . Please indicate the block you will be reserving carts for and your last name.  If you no longer need a cart, please delete the booking.  There are frequent changes to the reservation calendar.  If a cart you have was not booked for another block when you first checked, do not assume it is still available.

Carts should be returned with laptops plugged into their designated slots.  It is a good idea to assign a student or students to oversee proper return of laptops.  Remember, the cart may be going directly to another teacher who will appreciate it being in order and ready to go.

If you have a problem with a laptop, submit a Help Ticket noting the cart number and laptop number. The most simple way is to do this via email using HelpDesk as the email address.

Carts should be returned to Room 201 adjacent to the Library and plugged in.  If you plan to deliver a cart directly to the teacher who has it booked next, please let them know.


Students can print to the main library printer JHS-MC-PRN or to JHS-RM201 (the Library Lab).  The lab printer will also print double sided.  There is a color printer that is only visible to teachers JHS-MC-PRN02.  If you want students to print in color, have them save their work in a folder on Stu-Share and you can send it to the color printer.


Library staff and Guidance can reset VUE accounts for students.  We can also give activation codes to students and parents.

Substitute Laptops

The library has a limited number of laptops available to be checked out for substitutes.  If you have a scheduled absence please let us know so we can reserve one for your sub.  You may also leave your school laptop for a substitute.  We can give out substitute login information, you will not need to use yours.

Laminating and Posters

The library has a hot and cold laminater.  :eave items to laminate at the library desk or bring to the library office, items will be laminated by the end of the day.  There is a black and white poster maker in the back room of the library.  We are happy to show you how to use this. Posters from this need to go through the cold laminater.