Books and Resources in the Library

Witch-hunt : mysteries of the Salem witch trials
Call #: 133.4 ARO Aronson, Marc.
Published 2003

The devil in the shape of a woman : witchcraft in colonial New England
Call #: 133.4 KAR Karlsen, Carol F., 1940-
Published 1998

Witches! : the absolutely true tale of disaster in Salem
Call #: 133.4 SCH Schanzer, Rosalyn.
Published 2011

Living under the threat of nuclear war
Call #: 355.02 LIV edited by Derek C. Maus.
Series: Living through the Cold War
Published 2005

Arthur Miller’s The crucible
Call #: 812 CRU edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
Series: Modern critical interpretations
Published 1999

Understanding The crucible : a student casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents
Call #: 812 JOH Johnson, Claudia D.
Series: The Greenwood Press “Literature in context” series,
Published 1998

The crucible : a play in four acts
Call #: 812 MIL Miller, Arthur, 1915-2005.
Series: Penguin plays
Published 1982

The crucible : a play in four acts
[ Book ] Call #: 812 MIL Miller, Arthur, 1915-
Series: Penguin classics
Published 2003
Interest Level: Adult

The crucible : a play in four acts
812 MIL Miller, Arthur, 1915-
Published 2002

The rise and fall of Senator Joe McCarthy
Call #: B MCC Giblin, James.
Published 2009

The Crucible. Drama for Students, edited by David M. Galens, vol. 3, Gale, 1998, pp. 120-140. Gale Virtual Reference Library,
[ eBook ] David Galens, editor.
Series: Gale virtual reference library
Published 1998

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller, “Are You Now Or Were You Ever?”
from The Guardian/The Observer (on line), Saturday, June 17, 2000

Are you now or were you ever…? The McCarthy era’s anti-communist trials destroyed lives and friendships. Arthur Miller describes the paranoia that swept America – and the moment his then wife Marilyn Monroe became a bargaining chip in his own prosecution

Why I Wrote the Crucible by Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller from

Arthur Miller from Biography in Context PDF

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Additional ResourcesJSTOR and Google Books:  JSTOR is a subscription library of digital articles that virtually every college and university uses.  You can sign up to get up to three articles but it can also be useful to locate scholarly books.

For example: Searching JSTOR using search terms “great gatsby” and “racism” gives one result of a brief book review but not the text itself.  However, you can search for that book in Google Books.  Google Books previews gives you about 85% of a book and you can search within them.

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Puritans from

Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witchcraft Trials from Famous American Trials University of Missouri Kansas City Law School

Overview of the Salem Witch Trials from


The_1950s__Government_and_Politics: An Overview “The 1950s: Government and Politics: Overview.” American Decades, edited by Judith S. Baughman, et al., vol. 6: 1950-1959, Gale, 2001, pp. 184-185. Gale Virtual Reference Library.  PDF version

Vocabulary from the Crucble

The Crucible Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Abrogate To abolish; to do away with
Abyss bottomless hole; a vast expanse or depth
Adamant inflexible; immovable; obstinate
Ameliorate to make better; to relieve; to improve
Apparition ghost
Augury an omen or prophecy
Autocrat a person with unlimited influence and authority (usually a negative word)
Baseness the quality of lacking higher values
Begrudge to give reluctantly; to envy a possession or one’s enjoyment
Beguile to deceive; to mislead; to persuade with charm
Bemuse to confuse or to bewilder
Blasphemous irreverent; profane
Calamity a serious event causing distress or misfortune
Conciliate to reconcile; to pacify; to renew a friendship
Confound to cause one to become confused
Conspiracy the act of plotting together
Contempt scorn; extreme dislike or disdain
Contentious quarrelsome; stirring controversy
Corroboration confirmation
Credulous believing on slight evidence; gullible
Defamation act of harming or ruining another’s reputation
Deference courteous going along with the opinions or wishes of another
Deposition written statement by a witness
Dissemble to disguise; to pretend
Dogmatic strongly opinionated in an unwarranted manner
Ecstasy extreme happiness
Effrontery extreme boldness; audacity
Exalt to glorify; to praise; to raise in rank
Fiend the devil; demon
Formidable menacing; causing fear or awe
Gaunt very thin; emaciated; angular
Guile deceitful cunning; duplicity
Heretical contrary to church doctrine or accepted beliefs or standards
Hypocrite one who is insincere or deceitful
Indictment an accusation
Indigenous native to a certain area
Indignation anger as a result of something unjust
Ineptness lack of competence or judgment
Inert unable to move or to act; sluggish
Ingratiate to make an effort to gain good favor with someone
Iniquity wickedness; immorality
Innate existing from birth; inborn
Junta a group of people who join in running a government (after a revolution)
Licentious lacking in moral or sexual restraint; wanton
Malevolence ill will or evil intentions
Malign to utter injuriously misleading reports about
Methodical proceeding in a regular or systematic order
Orthodox conforming to established standards; conventional
Pallor extreme paleness usually relating to the face
Paradoxical something that appears false or contradictory but is actually correct
Parochial limited in range or scope; narrow; provincial
Partisan one who exhibits extreme or possibly blind allegiance to a group or cause
Penitence regret or sorrow for sins or faults
Pious religious
Placid peaceful; calm
Predilection preference
Prodigious extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree; great in size; enormous
Propriety correct conduct
Providence sign of good fortune; God’s will; God’s intervention in human affairs
Prudent wise and careful about practical matters
Quake to shake from shock or instability
Reprieve to delay punishment
Reproach to blame for something; a disgrace
Rescind to cancel
Resurge to rise again
Savory appetizing
Sectarian a member of a sect that is a faction with extreme beliefs
Sublime exalted; noble; uplifting
Theocracy governed by religion
Trafficked had dealings with
Trepidation fear; trembling; agitation
Vestry room in a church used for nonreligious meetings or church business
Vindictive revengeful; spiteful
Wily cunning; crafty; sneaky