Senior Administration

Dr. Catherine Worley

Dr. Catherine Worley


Pam Miller
Senior Administrative Assistant
p: (757) 259-3602

Jeff Bond

Jeff Bond

Assistant Principal

Students A-L

Crystal Haskins

Crystal Haskins

Assistant Principal

Students M-Z

Faculty + Staff Listing

Curriculum Leaders are represented in bold.

Admin Office Staff

Pam Miller (Senior Secretary) 259-3602

Denise Deal (Admin Secretary) 259-3606

Mary Lou Patterson (Senior Accounting Associate) 259-3624

Brenda Holland (Receptionist) 259-3600

Mary Sharp (Attendance Associate)   259-3615

Extended Leadership Team

Noah Green (School Improvement Specialist)

Ann Vinson (Student Advancement)

Kenneth Edwards (Athletic Director)

Steve Turner (Activities Director)

School Support Staff

Tamika Freeman (Registrar)    757-259-3600 x 31114

Mike Ferriero (Resource Officer)

Julie Campbell (Security)  259-3621

Antonio Harrison (Security)

Brian Sharp (Security)

Christine Shepherd (ISS/ACS)

Sophia Shepherd (Cafeteria)

Shelia Jones (Cafeteria)

Shelly Morris (Cafeteria)

Gwen Brown (Cafeteria)

Jessica Dale (Cafeteria)

Celestine Winnegan (Cafeteria)

Anna Zickefoose (Cafeteria)

Michael Pittman (Custodial Supervisor)

Rebecca Walker (Head Custodian)

Angela Camper (Custodian)

Darnell Mcakey (Custodian)

Darlene Romain (Custodian)

Troy Taylor, Jr. (Custodian)

David Greenhow (Custodial)

Philip Roberts (Custodial)

Andrea Gresham (Custodial)

Student Support Staff

Louisa Johnson (Nurse)    259-3617

Tracey Dumphy (Occupational Therapist)

Sue Larkin (Physical Therapist)

Stephanie Gallas (Social Worker)

Ewen Macleod(Psychologist)

Becky Krantz (Hearing Impaired)

Shannon Williams (Speech)

Andrea Jacobsen (ESL)

Library and Technology

Renate Bose (Library Assistant)  259-3640

Lee De Groft (Library)  259-3641

April Knowles (Library)  259-3642

Julia Cooley (ITRT)

Guidance Staff

Jessica Switzer (Lead Counselor) Students: 9th: F-I 10th: F-I 11th: G-K 12th: G-L     259-3600 x 31121

Gary Breaux (Counselor) Students: 9th P-Z 10th: R-Z 11th: R-Z 12th: SI-Z  259-3600 x 31118

*Adrienne Gonzalo (Counselor) Students: 9th A-E 10th: A-E 11th: A-F 12th: A-F     259-3600 x 31120
*Ms. Gonzalo is on leave and her long term substitute is Rebecca Hoyle  She may be reached at the phone number above.

Jennifer Smethurst (Counselor)    Students: 9th: J-O 10th: J-Q 11th: L-Q 12th: M-SH     259-3600 x31119

Andrea Dorcy (Data Entry)     259-3600 ext. 31114

Tamika Freeman (Guidance Registrar)    259-3600 ext. 31114

Career & Technical Ed

Charlotte Stowers (Curriculum Leader)     259-3628

Robin Cornell

Sharon Green

Jamest Kennedy

Thomas Nuckols


Tanya Graham-Galatro (Curriculum Leader)

Elizabeth Wilder (Curriculum Leader)

Maeghan Christie

Sheila Glennon

Lauren Maldonado

Danon Middleton

Melissa Mustard

Leonora Reiley

Valerie Smith

Kevin Wilder

Fine Arts

Peter Pritchard (Art – Fine Arts Curriculum Leader)

Carol Brophy (Art)

Laurel Christensen (Choir)

Mary Giacolone (Music/Orchestra)

Harvey Stone (Drama)

Melissa Furr (Art)

Steve Turner (Music)

Health & PE

Special Education

Ronnell Brown (Curriculum Leader)

Kris Adams (Assistant)

Sara Acitelli

Jackie Barhnill (Assistant)

Donnell Brown

Page Ferrara

Courtney Frantz

Melvin Habersham (Assistant)

Catherine Johnson

Nancy Laundrie (Assistant)

Barbara Myers (Assistant)

Kathryn Peterkin

Kimberly Suter

Mark Tompkins

Joseph Wood (Assistant)

World Languages