The Attendance office personnel concern is the welfare and attendance of each student at Jamestown High School. Provided is a detailed outline of the tracking procedures of student attendance and tardies, and the steps taken to ensure absentee/lateness curtailment:

  • daily attendance reports are printed for both absentee and lateness
  • parents are contacted either at home or work, if necessary at emergency numbers provided (as available)
  • when a parent/guardians submit absentee notes, whether for absence, early release, all notes are verified by office staff
  • attendance personnel never take the “word” of students, parent contact must be made either by telephone confirmation, doctor’s notes, in-person by parent, and or by fax
  • when a students’ absence is mounting, i.e. runaways , class cuts, or any other truancy issues, attendance personnel bring the matter to the attention of administrators, (principals, school social worker, probation officers), by providing student referrals for disciplinary action, also when necessary, alert the school social worker/nurse when medical reasons exist for a pupil absence
  • absentee and promptness letters are mailed home
  • use the school social worker for intervention
  • meet with school principal, and social worker together on a monthly basis to implement strategies of students with attendance and/or medical, personal concerns

Our intent, is to help each strive for 100% attendance and punctuality to school and all classes, which in turn will promote good citizenship.

If you have questions that we may assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact Cindy Kordek, Attendance Associate for more information.

(757) 259-3600 ext. 31404