WJCC Invites you to attend the Honors Presentations of Honors Seal Candidates. Tuesday May 22nd, 2018 4:00 pm Lafayette High School Lecture Hall and Lower Commons

Presentation of Honors Seal Candidates

From Jamestown High School

Clarke Agnew wrote a nearly-100-page business model/valuation for tech allowing purchases to be made via one’s smartphone.

Sarah Barry researched and wrote a detailed history of the children’s book industry in the United States.
Belle Long instituted and operated the GirlUp club at JHS and designed a feminist website, including resources, to accompany it.

Marie-Helena Peeters interviewed a variety of female scientists at NASA and painted their portraits en masse, resulting in a public exhibition.

Ekaterina Savelyeva investigated popular portrayals of famous females throughout history, such as Joan of Arc, and wrote a paper analyzing how such media portrayals contributed to societal understandings of the historical figures.

Jeffrey Shi, working alongside a W&M mathematics professor, wrote a publishable paper concerning the optimal density of snub trihexagonal tilings.

Angelique Vo composed an original musical score, based on multicultural folk songs, representing the degrees to which immigrants’ native languages are replaced by English in their households, relative to overall cultural immersion in the USA.

Samantha Zhang, working alongside two W&M professors, investigated common pedagogical differences between elementary-aged mathematics education in the United States and in China, composing results in an Ed. paper.

From Lafayette High School
Elinor Klee
From Warhill High School
Erin Tweed