A few words from Mr. Townsend…

With the semester coming to a close, our students will be working to complete any missing assignments, projects, tests, or other assignments. At times these tasks can be overwhelming. Asking for help may seem like an easy task, but that can be challenge for some young people. Our students have showcased a resiliency throughout the pandemic. However, our students may not know HOW to ask for help. Additionally, they may think asking for help is a weakness.

We can help our students with prompting and support. For example, for students who may not know how to start asking for help, try these prompts and conversation starters:

  • I’m struggling with _____. Can we talk about it later?
  • I’m working hard, but I’m still not understanding _____. Can you help me?
  • I’m not sure what I need. Can you please talk with me?
  • Can you give me advice about _____?

Without a doubt, this is not an exhaustive list. Also, we may have students who may need more support than just asking for help. If you have a student who needs support with asking for help or YOU have a question with student support, please give us a call or contact your school counselor.

Lets go to work,

H.E. Townsend, IV

Counseling Corner


The next deadline to propose a project for acceptance to the WJCC Honors Program is February 8.  For juniors in the class of 2023, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO APPLY to the program, since junior applications in the spring are disallowed.  For information on the WJCC Honors Program, please visit Honors Program – Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools (wjccschools.org) , read High-School-Honors-Program-FAQs-1.pdf (wjccschools.org) , and watch 2021 WJCC Honors Program Projects – YouTube to get a sense of potential project ideas and scope.  After doing so, make sure to speak with Mr. Lampert – richard.lampert@wjccschools.org – before applying.


The Virgina Department of Education (VDOE) is now accepting applications from current sophomores and juniors for the following Academic Summer Residential Governor’s Schools for Summer, 2022: Agriculture, Humanities, Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering, Marine Science, and Mathematics, Science, & Technology (STEM).

Interested students in the classes of 2023 and 2024 should investigate the basics at VDOE :: Summer Residential Governor’s Schools (virginia.gov) , then reach out to Mr. Lampert at richard.lampert@wjccschools.org to begin the application process.  All JHS applications must go through Mr. Lampert and are due to him in their entirety by January 31, but students are encouraged to reach out to him well in advance of that deadline.


Scheduling for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will go through English classes – Jan. 18th – Feb. 4th. Your student may have already selected classes for the 2022-2023 school year. The window to change classes has not changed though. Families have until February 4th to make any changes. If you would like to discuss educational options, please email your school counselor or call at (757) 259-3600.


Kirsten Daisley: Students with last names that begin with T – Z

Chelsea Hilliard: Students with last names that begin with A – C

Leigh Pottle: Students with last names that begin with D- I

Kevonne Fields: Students with last names that begin with J- N

Robert Hill: Students with last names that begin with O- S

COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols and Procedures

Our school division will share updated information regarding health mitigation protocols, masking, and social distancing in an upcoming email. Be on the lookout for an email from our school division on Sunday of this week.

Writing Standards of Learning (SOL) Testing Information

Jamestown will administer the Writing Standards of Learning (SOL) on March 9th and March 10th. All sophomores and some juniors will take this assessment. The Writing SOL test has two parts: a 50-60 question multiple choice portion and a direct writing prompt. On March 9th, the students will take the multiple choice portion then, on March 10, students will sit for the direct writing part. Students will have as much time as they need to take the assessment.

Student testing locations will be shared via your student’s English teacher as we move closer to the testing dates.

Our Exceptional Learner teachers will work with students with special testing accommodations to ensure compliance.

We will run a modified schedule on testing days. We will have make up days for students who may be absent on testing days.

Modified Schedule for SOL Writing Test Dates

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Martin at Owen.Martin@wjccschools.org.

Curriculum Information and Course Planning

2022 Virtual Curriculum Fair

To support our students and families with information for course registration, the School Counseling Department created the Virtual Curriculum Fair. By following the link below this message, families will see course options and planning templates. If families have questions regarding the Curriculum Fair, please contact your school counselor.


WJCC Schools Virtual Academy Is Accepting Student Applications

The WJCC Schools Virtual Academy is a 100% online learning option for students in Grades 6 – 12. These rigorous classes meet or exceed Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOLs) and align with WJCC Schools graduation requirements. Middle and high school courses include a blend of live and asynchronous instruction led by WJCC Schools teachers. Classes include core subjects as well as electives, special education services, and access to Advanced Placement (AP) courses. There are limited course offerings available within the Virtual Academy and select courses will be taught using alternate virtual programs, such as WJCC’s Virtual Learning Program (VLP) or Virtual Virginia (VV).

All WJCC Schools Virtual Academy students are expected to sign on and participate in daily instruction using a school division-issued laptop; MiFi hotspots are available to students without internet connectivity. Attendance, participation in lessons, and completion of assignments are monitored and graded.

Students are selected for the WJCC Schools Virtual Academy through an application process. Once enrolled, students are committed to online learning for the entire school year. Students enrolled in the WJCC Schools Virtual Academy may participate in athletics and extra-curricular activities through their zoned home school.

Students enrolled in the WJCC Schools Virtual Academy must take part in an in-person orientation at the start of the school year and may be asked to meet with teachers in-person for select screenings, assessments, or conferences.

For more information, please follow this link: https://wjccschools.org/jhs/2022/01/14/apply-to-the-2022-2023-wjcc-schools-virtual-academy-today/

End of the Second Nine-Week Grading Period

The close of the SECOND NINE-WEEK GRADING PERIOD comes January 26th. Students have the opportunity to complete missing work during the Weekly Wrap Up on Mondays and Fridays during school and after school with teachers. If a student plans to stay after school, they will need to coordinate that time with their individual teachers

Virginia School Survey of Climate and Working Conditions

All schools in Virginia are required to administer the climate survey to all licensed staff (instructional and support) in all public elementary and secondary schools. High schools with students in grades nine through twelve are required to administer the student survey to ALL students. The survey results are used in conjuction with test scores, school improvement plans, and other data to create division and school goals.

Student and adult participation is voluntary. Parents of students will be notified and offered the option of declining to participate.

The survey will be administered on-line to Jamestown students and faculty on February 25th and 28th during Weekly Wrap-Up in SECOND BLOCK. February 28 will be the make-up day for students who may have missed the primary survey administration.  

For additional information and samples of the survey, please follow this link to the Virginia Department of Education’s explanation of the survey: CLIMATE AND WORKING CONDITIONS

Meet the New Administrators at JHS

Tyler Ashworth will serve as the third assistant principal at JHS. We are excited to welcome Tyler Ashworth as a new addition to our administrative team. Mr. Ashworth has worked in the educational field for over 10 years and comes to us from StoneBridge School in Chesapeake. He has served as a teacher, adjunct professor, and administrator. Mr. Ashworth is a dedicated leader committed to making a difference for students and our school community.

Royce Hart will serve as Mrs. English’s, JHS Assistant Principal,  substitute while she is away from JHS. Mr. Hart brings a wealth of experience as a school administrator. Mr. Hart led Grafton High School as its principal, served as the Associate Director of High Schools in York County, and has worked as an assistant principal in different schools.

Mr. Hart will supervise Mrs. English’s departments and will cover students with last names “P” through “Z” (P-Z). You can reach Mr. Hart via email at Royce.Hart@wjccschools.org.

Mr. Hart joins Assistant Principals Karen Scott (Last names A-G), Mr. Ashworth (Last names H-O), and Howard Townsend (Principal) on the Administration Team.

Graduation Cap and Gown / Class Ring Information

If a family would like to order any item from Josten’s, the representative has provided the following link for information and purchasing:


  • The basic package of cap, gown, and tassel is $45.80 plus tax and handling.
  •  Caps and gowns must be ordered by February 1, 2022 to ensure arrival for graduation.
  • Many families have a prior year’s regalia and want to know if it is the same as this year. Jostens will be providing a sample of the gown before Winter Break. After school administration works with Josten’s to establish exact color and look of the gowns, JHS will communicate the possible use of prior regalia.

JHS Athletic Booster Club Information

The JHS ABC 12 Punch Pass will get your group of fans into every JHS Home Game!  The JHS Athletic Booster Club (JHS ABC) is a parent-run volunteer organization supporting the JHS Athletics Program.  We are currently accepting 2021-2022 family memberships ($20) and selling the fan-favorite 12 Punch Passes ($40 or $3.33 per punch) which can be used at all JHS Home Games.

Look out for the JHS ABC table at Home Games, or visit our Square Site – https://jhsabc.square.site to purchase online.  For more information or to purchase additional member passes, you can e-mail jhsabcinfo@gmail.com!

JHS PTSA Information

Join Us

The next general PTSA meeting is Monday, February 7th at 5:30 pm in Room 226, JHS.  Please join us in person or by Zoom.  Email ptsajhs@gmail.com for the Zoom link. Please note, this is a departure from our usual second Monday of the month meeting.


It is never too late to join!  Here is the link: https://jamestownhs.memberhub.com/store

Thank you for your support!