A few words from Mr. Townsend…

With one month left of the first quarter, we are into the rhythm of the school year. This week, our students will sit for the PSAT/NMSQT assessment on Wednesday. The block schedule will change as second block will be lengthened to accommodate testing. However, school will start at 7:15 am and end at 2:15 pm as normal. You will find more information regarding testing in this newsletter.

Last week, we were able to celebrate our in-person Homcoming after a lapse of almost two years. Before the game, we welcomed two former eagles to serve as honorary captains. Amanda McKee (Turner) returned to JHS to honor Coach Jerome Varacallo. Ms. McKee was the first female to play football in WJCC Schools. Ms. McKee wanted to honor Coach Varacallo for believing in her. Currently, Ms. McKee serves as a football official and is preparing her son for football.

Our second honorary captain was Thomas Dolan. Mr. Dolan is retiring from his postion as the Associate Executive Director of the Virginia High School League (VHSL). However, before his stint in that position, Mr. Dolan was the first Athletic Director at JHS. During his tenure, JHS won the Wachovia Cup and numerous state, region, and district championships. Many of our traditions and elements of our culture came from the leadership team from 1997.

We share this rich and honorable past and culture. However, we need to forge new traditions. What worked in 1997 will not work in 2021. While some of our traditions should stay, others that isolate others and do not bring us together as a school should remain in our past. I look forward to working with our students and community to forge traditions that will stand the next 25 years.

Lets go to work,

H.E. Townsend, IV

Counseling Corner


For our seniors, make sure you have contacted the teachers, counselors, and community members who will write you a recommendation letter for college or the workplace. Some deadlines for college applications are looming on horizon. You will need to contact these individuals as early as possible as there are a limited number of letters that teachers, counselors, and community members that they may be able to write. If have any questions, please contact your school counselor.


Kirsten Daisley: Students with last names that begin with T – Z

Chelsea Hilliard: Students with last names that begin with A – C

Leigh Pottle: Students with last names that begin with D- I

Kevonne Fields: Students with last names that begin with J- N

Robert Hill: Students with last names that begin with O- S


SENIORS- if you need a transcript, please complete the General Records Consent Form AND the transcript request form.  You MUST submit those forms to Ms. Williams in the Counseling Office.

Those college application deadlines are right around the corner. Start as soon a possible. Many of our seniors have already started the college or post-secondary planning and application process.

Remember to check the counseling webpage,  https://wjccschools.org/jhs/counseling/, under SENIOR FORMS for important information and updates.


Jamestown High School Counseling Office is asking that you complete the attached survey to help us provide programs and services to help students achieve academic, career, and personal/social success. Your answers will be stored in a password protected spreadsheet that is able to be accessed by only the counselors.  Please feel free to ask any questions by contacting your school counselor.

SURVEY LINK:  https://forms.office.com/r/t5VHF2ZpKh

PSAT/NMSQT Information

On October 13th, WJCC Schools will administer the Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) to all high school juniors and freshmen. Additionally, sophomores who have registered to sit for the exam will test on this date. If your student is a junior or a freshman, they do NOT need to register as they are already assigned.

For our juniors, the PSAT serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). Students who score high enough can earn National Merit Finalist, Semifinalist, and Commended status. These designations are some of the highest national academic achievements a student can earn. This year, JHS has three semi-finalists (these students will apply for finalist status in the coming weeks) and six commended students. For our juniors who attend The Governor’s School, New Horizons, or other programs outside of the school, our counselors will alert the schools so that attendance and expectations are understood.

For the sophomores who elect to take the exam, the test gives feedback on their college-readiness and is the qualifying test for the Governor’s School.

For our freshmen, the PSAT-8/9 gives students and families diagnostic information regarding academic strengths and challenges. The PSAT 8/9 tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT 10—in a way that makes sense for eighth and ninth graders. It measures what they’re already learning, shows them whether they’re on track for college, and lets them know where they need the most improvement. That means students have time to tackle these areas long before they take the SAT.

Parents can opt to remove their student from testing.

For more information regarding the benefits of this assessment, please follow this link: PSAT/NMSQT INFORMATION


First block: 7:15 am – 7:25 am

Second block: 7:30 am – 10:30 am

Third block: 10:35 am – 12:40 pm

Fourth block: 12:45 pm – 2:15 pm


JUNIORS: All juniors will test in the JHS Cafeteria

FRESHMEN: Freshmen will be assigned classrooms.

SOPHOMORES: Sophomores will be assigned classrooms.

The counseling department has drafted the proctor schedule and room lists for JHS. English teachers will share the testing locations of their students with them this week.

Additionally, each room will have a list of students who belong in that room posted on the classroom door on the day of the test.

Testing room assignments will be completed and communicated to students and families this week.

Advanced Placement Testing Information and DEADLINE

If your student is currently enrolled in one or more Advanced Placement (AP), registration for AP testing is right around the corner. AP courses prepare students for the end of course AP exam which could earn the student college credit.  If your student would like to take an AP test (or multiple AP tests), the following steps must be completed:

1.Register and pay for your AP exam at the following website.    


Students taking AP exams at Jamestown High School MUST register for the exam by October 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm.  The cost for each AP exam is $100 and a reduced-fee is available for students who qualify.  Payment is due at the time of registration. The payment site will close on March 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

Any student ordering an AP test between Nov 1, 2021 and March 1, 2022 will be charged the College Board $40 per test late fee.  Students cannot order AP Tests after March 1, 2022.

Jamestown High School is excited to offer families the ability to pay their full exam fees online. Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration.  Families may also pay their full exam fees by mailing a check, cashier’s check or money order to Total Registration, LLC.

2. Join your AP classroom for each AP class you are taking this year.

Please note that, in order to take an AP exam, students had to complete AP join process by October 31, 2021.  We cannot order an AP test for you if you did not “join” each of your AP classes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email at Kirsten.Daisley@wjccschools.org

COVID-19 Vaccination Opportunity

Similar to last year, WJCC Schools will partner with Williamsburg Drug to offer the opportunity for students and staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine in schools. This vaccination is NOT mandatory. Below this message is the schedule:

Thursday, October 14 (Clinic #1)

Jamestown HS 8:00am-9:00am

Berkeley MS 9:30am-10:30am

Lafayette HS 11:00am – 12:00pm

James Blair MS 1:00pm-2:00pm

Monday, November 8 (Clinic #2)

Warhill HS 8:00am-9:00am

Lafayette HS 9:30am-10:30am

Jamestown HS 11:00am-12:00pm

Students will need parental permission if they are younger than 18. Our school division will supply the forms to the students via our website and newsletters. We will also have hard copies of the permission form in the main office for families if they need them.

WJCC Science Fair Information

2022 Science Fair - Get more information

Is your high school student interested in research or the STEM fields? Encourage them to sign-up for the WJCC Science Fair.

How to sign-up

To sign-up, students will need to talk to their school sponsor listed below. Virtual Academy students may participate by contacting the sponsor at their home school:

Teachers submit database and verify names by completing Science Fair Excel Spreadsheet.


Nov. 12, 2021: Science Fair project proposal approvals and forms are listed below are due to school sponsors.

  • Get teacher approval for your project
  • Obtain a Composition book (Logbook/Journal)
  • Complete:  Form 1Form 1AForm 1B
  • Use Forms Wizard to see what other paperwork may be needed (The Abstract is completed once the project is complete)
  • Submit experimental design to the teacher
  • Teacher maintains all paperwork in a digital Student Science Fair Folder

Students may only begin their project when ALL paperwork has been approved, including their research plan.  

Nov. 12, 2021 – Jan. 7, 2021: During this time students should complete their science projects experiments. Below is an outline of the steps. Please see your school-specific science fair sponsor for deadlines.

  • After approval, start project implementation
  • Complete Science Fair research and project
  • Complete project paper and write abstract  (resource: How to write an abstract. )
  • Use ISEF “Abstract Form with 21 Categories” link to complete the abstract form
  • Teacher reviews and approves the abstract and project paper (Headings to include Introduction, Procedures, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References Cited (Minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources)
  • Students begin building presentation

Jan. 7, 2022: Teachers will submit student’s science fair paperwork and paperwork to the Science Coordinator

  • Students without complete and appropriate ISEF paperwork will be ineligible for the science fair
  • Teachers make and submit 1 digital copy project paper, abstract and original paperwork in 1 digital folder per project
  • Teachers will verify names for the Science Fair Program by completing the Science Fair Excel Spreadsheet
  • Teacher reviews and approves the Presentation

Jan. 12, 2022: Division Science Fair (back-up date: January 19)

  • Location: Lafayette High School
  • Select winners are eligible to compete in the Tidewater Science Fair and may complete the Tidewater Application if applicable

TBD: Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair (TSEF)


If you have questions about the science fair please email Jessica Gateau, jessica.gateau@wjccschools.org, or Kristin Cosby, Kristin.Cosby@wjccschools.org.

School Picture Day Information

On October 25-26 JHS will have Underclass and Senior Picture Day. If you are a senior and missed the make-up date, you are welcome to register for a time on October 25th. All students are photographed for our school’s student IDs and yearbook. However, students do have the option to opt out of the picture. As we move closer to the date, JHS will communicate the picture schedule for the underclassmen.

For more information, please follow this link:


PTSA Information

Join Us

The next general PTSA meeting is Monday, October 11th at 5:30 pm in the JHS Media Center.  Please join us in person or by Zoom.  Email ptsajhs@gmail.com for the Zoom link.

Complete Our Survey

Please help us by completing a brief survey to tell us about your family’s experiences at Jamestown.  Your responses are completely anonymous.  However, we will share survey results in aggregate form with Mr. Townsend and the PTSA Executive Board.  So that we can make the most use of your responses, we kindly request that you complete the survey by Friday, October 15th.  Please follow this link to the survey on our JHS PTSA Facebook page.


Please feel free to share the survey link with other Jamestown parents who you think might be interested in telling us their thoughts.  They do not need to be members of the PTSA (although that would be great!) to take the survey.

We welcome any comments you might have!  Thank you so much for your time!


Our PTSA sponsors many events at JHS. We want to make sure every stakeholder’s voice is heard and represented. Please take a few moments to follow this link to join our PTSA: https://jamestownhs.memberhub.com/store

Reflections Contest

This year’s theme is “I will change the world by…”. Students can explore the arts to express themselves with this theme by

  1. Dance choreography
  2. Film production
  3. Literature
  4. Musical composition
  5. Photography
  6. Visual arts

For more information, please follow this link: REFLECTIONS CONTEST 2021-2022


We are looking for new volunteers to assist with fundraising this year.  Please reach out ptsajhs@gmail.com if you have any ideas to share.  Thank you!

Mini Grant Applications

Teachers, please submit mini grant applications by October 15th.  Thank you!

JHS Athletic Booster Club Information


Get your entire family ready to attend the JHS Homecoming game October 8th at Wanner Stadium!

The JHS ABC 12 Punch Pass will get your group of fans into the gate at Homecoming and every JHS Home Game!

The JHS Athletic Booster Club (JHS ABC) is a parent-run volunteer organization supporting the JHS Athletics Program.  We are currently accepting 2021-2022 family memberships ($20) and selling the fan-favorite 12 Punch Passes ($40 or $3.33 per punch) which can be used at all JHS Home Games.

Look out for the JHS ABC table at Home Games, or visit our Square Site – https://jhsabc.square.site to purchase online.  For more information or to purchase additional member passes, you can e-mail jhsabcinfo@gmail.com!

WJCC Health Plans

The most important thing your children should expect is to be engaged in high-quality learning led by a teacher who cares about their academic growth and success.

  • Students will share classroom materials. We now know that COVID does not live for an extended period on hard surfaces; therefore, there is no need for individual sets of classroom materials.
  • Wherever possible, desks will be separated to increase space between students.
  • Elementary students will eat meals in the cafeteria and other common spaces throughout the building.
  • Middle and high school students will make use of the cafeteria and outdoor spaces for lunch.
  • Breakfast and lunch (including hot meals) will be available to all students at no charge.
  • Air ventilation systems are maintained for optimum effectiveness and efficiency in classrooms, the cafeteria, and other areas of the school.
  • Families should use the WJCC Schools Symptom Checker to monitor their student’s health before sending them to school.

In keeping with the state emergency health order, masks will be worn by students and staff while indoors unless the person is eating or drinking. Students who require a health accommodation, must submit the proper form signed by a healthcare provider. You can read more about WJCC Schools COVID prevention measures on our website.

For more information regarding health plans, please follow this link: HEALTH PLANS