Principal’s Newsletter: April 28 – May 4, 2019

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WEEK OF APRIL 28, 2019

A Message from the Principal

The school year is heading into May. For seniors, this is a special time: The end of compulsory schooling and the start of another level of education either in the job force, military, or college. For the rest of the students, May brings visions of summer. With the end of the year on the horizon, we must continue to see our work to its completion.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reveals that approximately 52 percent of all car accidents occur within a five mile radius of the homes of the people involved. The NHTSA research suggests that drivers have a comfort zone associated with places they frequently visit. We know “our” roads near our homes and schools. However, that feeling of safety is a danger. Because we think we know the roads, we do not anticipate changes; we become lazy.

At the end of the year, we cannot assume we know our roads. Be mindful of your actions and preparation. You may have taken SOL and AP tests in the past, but you will need continue your protocols and practice as if this was your first one. Think about your task or journey. Develop a plan. And always be mindful of your situation. Let’s finish this school year with clear eyes.

Let’s go to work,

H.E. Townsend, IV


Counseling Corner

Advanced Placement (AP) Testing Information

  1. AP testing begins on May 6th.  Students MUST bring pencils (not mechanical) and blue or black pens to the exam.  These items will NOT be provided.  Additionally, students MUST bring calculators if applicable. 
  2. For all 8:00 am exams, students MUST report to the Auxiliary Gym by 7:25 am in order to complete ALL necessary pre-exam materials to start by 8:00am.
  3. For all noon exams, students MUST eat during first lunch and report to the Auxiliary Gym by 11:25am in order to complete all pre-exam processes to begin at Noon.
  4. If students are taking an afternoon exam, they will need alternate transportation home.  The exams will not be finished by 2:20.
  5. Remember no cell phones, food or drinks in the testing area.

Pre-Registration for AP Testing

Students are advised to arrive on-time for AP testing. While the tests are timed and school officials must adhere to a rigid time schedule, we want to minimize the amount of time for test administration tasks. For example, completing the identification portion of the answer document takes time. Pre-registration allows the testing to start on time. Additionally, the pre-registration time gives students to ask any last-minute operational or logistical questions. To make day’s tasks move efficiently, we will complete pre-registration on the following dates and times. If there is an issue, please contact our Counseling Office.

  1. Tuesday, April 30th, AEP— ALL 10th graders report to the cafeteria.
  2. Wednesday, May 1st, AEP—ALL 11th graders report to the cafeteria.
  3. Thursday, May 2nd, 9:00am—ALL 12th graders report to the cafeteria.

Congratulations to Ms. Furr: WJCC SCHOOLS TEACHER OF THE YEAR!

WJCC Schools recognized Ms. Furr, Fine Arts teacher at JHS, as the school division’s Teacher of the Year! Take a look at the comments from Ms. Furr’s colleagues:

Ms. Furr is a great educator. She has so many different projects going on and they all are important to instruction. She seeks out opportunities for ALL of her students, not just the ones at the top or the ones who are struggling. Every student has the opportunity to find success in her class. Ms. Furr then builds on those successes and challenges students to meet the next challenge. She encourages her students to participate in a wide variety of art production for competitions, outside evaluations, local art shows, and even service minded art projects. In addition to her work in the art classroom(and Concourse) Ms. Furr is the Fine Arts Curriculum Leader and leader for the Exceptional Games.
Ms. Furr teaches a wide variety of students and makes it a point to meet them exactly where they are. She is a master at her craft, and always makes it a point to differentiate instruction for students so that they are successful and feel like they belong in her class. Whenever I walk into or by her room, I see that she is engaging with all of her students; she is truly an active member of her classroom community and leads by example. She runs the Exceptional Eagles Club, facilitates the Exceptional Games, and is a valued member of the Concourse 9 team. She is a true team player and someone that will always do what is best for students. Jamestown is a better place because she is here!

WJCC Summer Education Program


Registration for summer school courses (acceleration/first-time credit and credit recovery) will run May 6- June 7th,2019.  Registration forms and promotional flyer in English & Spanish are attached.

Registration for EPF (11-12th grade students) will be open until May 24, 2019. Registration form must include results from the test of online learning  Registration forms and a promotional flyer in English & Spanish are attached.

Students registering for SOL Academy will do so through their School Improvement Specialist (SIS), and any questions about SOL Academy should be referred to the SIS.

Open House will be held on Monday, June 17, 2019 from either 3-4 pm or 5-6 pm at Warhill High School Auditorium. Attendance at Open House is required for Summer School participation.

High school summer school acceleration courses (first-time credit):

  • Summer school acceleration will run from June 25-August 1, 2019. Courses taken for acceleration (first time credit) can be done virtually, however, a computer lab will be available onsite at Warhill High School during the Summer Program between 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Monday – Thursday) for students who need a more structured learning environment to complete online coursework.
  • The cost for an original credit course is $300 and tuition assistance is available for qualifying students.

High school summer school credit recovery courses:

  • Summer school credit recovery will run from June 25-August 1, 2019 (Monday-Thursday) at Warhill High School from 8 a.m – 1 p.m (21 instructional days).
  • Credit recovery is an on-site course, and students are required to attend the summer program Monday-Thursday.
  • Students may register for one (1) credit recovery course. The cost for a credit recovery course is $150.

Late registration will be June 10-14th, 2019, in the Summer Program Office at Warhill High School.

Acceleration-Recovery Summer School Registration Form Grade 9 – 12 only – English – 2019 (002)

EPF Summer School Flyer 11-12th

Acceleration-Recovery Summer School Registration Form Grade 9 – 12 only – Spanish – 2019

WJCC High School Summer Flyer – Spanish – 2019

WJCC High School Summer Flyer – English – 2019 (002)

Senior Information


If you have not retrieved your cap and gown, please stop by the main office. Your graduation regalia is ready!


Seniors! Make sure to complete your SENIOR SURVEY so that we can announce your awards, scholarships, and college acceptances at our awards nights. This information is important! You put in the hard work, now lets make sure you get your recognition. Follow this link to a copy of the form:

Hard copies of the form are located in the counseling office. THE FORMS ARE DUE BY MAY 6, 2019 TO THE COUNSELING OFFICE.

Online Food Deliveries to JHS

Jamestown High School will not accept deliveries from online delivery services. Applications from UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub have made food delivery efficient and more diverse by offering multiple restaurants to the public. The convenience of these applications makes their use very tempting for our students. However, the applications present problems for the function of a school.

  1. The entry of unauthorized individuals into the school or meeting with students presents a security problem. JHS staff does not know the identities of the food deliverer.
  2. The applications are connected to a credit card. While some students may have a debit card connected to the application, many use their parents’ card. The school does not want promote opportunities for students to use their parents’ card without expressed permission.
  3. The school does not have the personnel or an area to secure the food of students in a safe manner.

Parents still have the ability to bring food to their students. Delivery people from online services or restaurants will be denied entrance to JHS and its grounds. Please be aware that the online services may still charge you even though they were denied entrance to JHS.

Stay Connected!

PTSA Notes

We will formally vote and announce our slate of PTSA officers for the next year. We are still accepting nominations for the President of the PTSA.

JHS PTSA Slate of Officers for the 2019-2020 year:
President: open
VP Programs: Nadine Dunn
VP Fundraising: Francie Teter
Secretary: Allie Visser
Treasurer: Lisa McColpin
We are still in need of a President to lead us next year. If you would be willing or if you have questions please email Beth Kluger at

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