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Rebirth and renewal
Call #: 809 REB edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom ; volume editor, Blake Hobby.
Series: Bloom’s literary themes
Published 2009

Call #: 813.5 GAT edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
Series: Major literary characters
Published 1991

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
Call #: 813.52 FSC edited, and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
Series: Modern critical interpretations
Published 1986

The great Gatsby : the limits of wonder
Call #: 813.52 LEH Lehan, Richard Daniel, 1930-
Series: Twayne’s masterwork studies ; no 36
Published 1990

The great Gatsby
Call #: F FIT Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.
Published 1995

The Great Gatsby
Call #: F FIT Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.
Published 1996

Prohibition : thirteen years that changed America
Call #: 363.4 BEH Behr, Edward, 1926-
Published 1996

Bootleg : murder, moonshine, and the lawless years of prohibition
Call #: 363.4 BLU Blumenthal, Karen.
Published 2011

The 1920s decade in photos : the Roaring Twenties
Call #: 973.91 COR Corrigan, Jim.
Published 2010

The Harlem Renaissance
Call #: 700.89 CHA Chambers, Veronica.
Published 1998

Understanding inequality : the intersection of race/ethnicity, class, and gender
Call #: 305 UND edited by Barbara A. Arrighi.
Published 2007

Searching a library catalog or database can give you great results. But it does not work exactly like Google. Unlike Google, theses resources do not work well with phrases or natural language questions.

For example:

  • Instead of: “What is the role of crime in the novel The Great Gatsby?”
  • Use these terms: “crime” and “gatsby”
  • Instead of: “How does bird flu spread?”
  • Use these terms: “avian influenza” and “transmission”

Think carefully about your topic and choose 2-3 power words.

JSTOR and Google Books:  JSTOR is a subscription library of digital articles that virtually every college and university uses.  You can sign up to get up to three articles but it can also be useful to locate scholarly books.

For example: Searching JSTOR using search terms “great gatsby” and “racism” gives one result of a brief book review but not the text itself.  However, you can search for that book in Google Books.  Google Books previews gives you about 85% of a book and you can search within them.

Williamsburg Regional Library Databases:  WJCC students can access these using wjcc+student number. The first two listed are under the Books, Reading and Literature section.  However, it is highly recommended that you choose “See All Databases” as there are several others listed below that are helpful.


  • 18th Amendment
  • Volstead Act
  • Temperance
  • Dry Amendment
  • Great Experiment
  • Ant-Saloon League

Organized Crime

  • rumrunner
  • speakeasy/speakeasies
  • bootlegging
  • prostitution
  • Al Capone
  • racketeering
  • the mob
  • gangsters

General Terms

  • Jazz age
  • Roaring Twenties


  • industrial reform
  • middle class
  • Gilded Age
  • Progressive Era
  • industrial revolution
  • industrialists


  • discrimination
  • race relations
  • equality
  • racism
  • bias
  • segregation
  • stereotypes

Gender Roles

  • sex roles
  • sex discrimination
  • equality
  • sexism
  • feminism
  • masculinity