Meeting Schedule 2016-2017

  • Office Meetings
  • Tuesday, October 11
  • Monday, November 7
  • Tuesday, December 10
  • Tuesday, January 10
  • Tuesday, February 14
  • Tuesday, March 14
  • Tuesday, April 11
  • Induction Ceremony
  • Member Meeting
  • Thursday, October 13
  • Thursday, November 10
  • Thursday, December 15
  • Thursday, January 12
  • Thursday, February 16
  • Thursday, March 16
  • Thursday, April 13
  • Wednesday, May 17 from 5-8 p,m.

Library Activities Eligible for NEHS Volunteer Hours (Please note: these opportunities are offered on a first-come, first-served basis):

Book Reviews:  Write brief one to two paragraph reviews of new books in the Jamestown Library that can be displayed in the library, on the library webpage and in the library catalog.  Reviews of classics and/or books that are read in English classes at JHS will not be accepted.  Students may choose to review ficion or nonfiction books. Ask the librarians where new books are displayed.  Reviews should give an idea of what the book is about, the genre and your opinion/recommendation and be grammatically correct. 1 hour for every two reviews.  Submit as a Word document in your network folder or thumbdrive.

Shelf Reading: Use a list to check that books are shelved appropriately.  In library only.  Hours as worked.