Dear WJCC Families:

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of each of our high schools, we welcome you to your high school and extend to you our best wishes for an enjoyable and successful school year!

This informative handbook contains school information, policies, procedures, and expectations for students for the coming year. We hope this handbook will be a valuable resource to provide important school information and to help you answer questions about procedures and policies. Please familiarize yourself with its contents and keep it in a convenient location.

This year the Student Discipline Guide and all opening day forms are provided under separate cover. Please take time to review this pertinent information with your student.  Once you have reviewed the Student Discipline Guide and all opening day information, you must complete and sign the mandatory forms and have your son/daughter return them to his/her first block teacher.  Your understanding of the Student Discipline Rules and Related School Board Policies will greatly increase the probability of success for all our students.

You and your students are invited to attend all athletic events, school productions and concerts, and our conference night during each semester. Should you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact teachers, coaches, counselors, or one of our administrators. For additional information, visit your school’s website for important school events and staff contact information.  You can be sure that each of us is committed to helping make your student’s high school experience enjoyable and successful.

Once again, we welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year!

Best regards,

Cathy Worley, Ph.D.                    Kimberly Nunnaly, Ph.             Mark Hudson, Ph.D.

Principal                                                 Principal                                           Principal

Jamestown High School                     Lafayette High School                   Warhill High School