The Student Discipline Code for WJCC Schools contains the following definitions: Cheating includes the actual giving or receiving of any unauthorized aid or assistance, or the actual giving or receiving of unfair advantage on any form of academic work. Plagiarism includes the copying of the language, structure, idea and/or thought of another representing it as one’s own original work.

Incidents of cheating and/or plagiarism threaten the integrity of instruction and compromise the character of the individual.  Examples of cheating may include but are not limited to: permitting another student to copy work or assignments, giving or receiving answers, plagiarizing and improperly using the internet and web materials to complete papers or assignments. The faculty and staff encourage students to take pride in their own success and support and guide students to achieve success through their own initiative and perseverance. If a student has cheated, it will be regarded as a serious matter and appropriate consequences will be administered.