Superintendent’s Certification for Graduation Eligibility

Students will be certified for graduation when they have completed the graduation requirements of WJCC and/or program for which diplomas are given as prescribed by the Virginia Board of Education.

Students must meet the appropriate verified credit requirements set forth by the Virginia Board of Education. All students will be reviewed for on-time graduation expectations each semester. Approved summer school courses may be applied toward meeting graduation requirements. The review of all candidates will occur by the Superintendent or designee and follow the Commonwealth’s expectations for the awarding of a diploma. The Superintendent or designee is responsible for certifying eligibility

for graduation in accordance with minimum standards established by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Student progress shall be reviewed by the Superintendent or designee to determine whether graduation requirements have been met. The Division will accept credits received from other accredited secondary schools, including summer school. Students entering WJCC secondary schools from a non-accredited school may establish credits by examination. Any exceptions to the WJCC diploma expectations shall be reviewed. Course offerings are listed in the WJCC Secondary Program of Studies which is updated biannually and posted on the WJCC website.